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The Babysitting Survival



   Think of a day that you're babysitting your baby niece all alone until the night when baby gets asleep. What a night mare is it? Especially if it's your first time actually taking care of the baby, you may freak out at how hard it's to babysit. Though, there are few easy and simple tips that can be useful to unskilled babysitters. The tips are all from experienced babysitters so it's trustworthy and if you follow the steps below, it won't be a night mare anymore.


   First of all, play with the baby in high pitches and various faces. It's important to make the baby feel close to you and in order to do that, the baby should laugh. Babies would not show any reactions if you speak monotonously or make an expressionless faces. Even we have a saying that whenever we talk to babies make the voice in 'sol' tones. Next step is simple, sing a song in a high and clear voice or read a fairytales giving variations to your voice. This will actually make the baby feel intimate with you and listen to you more.


   After playing with the baby enthusiastically, the next step is to leave the baby alone for a bit. Although it's crucial to see if the baby is playing safe but often babysitters think they should continuously look after the baby. But babysitters also need a break and recover themselves, taking care of a baby all day is almost impossible. To do that, first, attract baby's attention to some toys or books and play with them'. After, make the baby play with toys by oneself and meanwhile you should just watch. Finally, step back from the baby and take a time for the baby to play alone.


   Lastly, feed the baby foods that they usually enjoy to eat and bath him with hot water. This tip is not just for a baby but also it can be applied to adults too. The feeding may differ from eating habits of the baby, but for the fussy eaters it might take hours to feed. For those babies, give a treats that can satisfy baby's taste and feed them fully. Some sweets can be allowed since it's only for a day. Then bath the baby in a hot water, this will make the baby feel languorous and fall into sleep right away.


   In conclusion, the steps to spend a day as a babysitter have been suggested. Give variations on voice and face while playing, leave the baby alone sometimes and feed and bath the baby. People whom do not have experiences of babysitting might think this is a really easy task that anyone can do, but in reality, unskilled babysitters will be frustrated with in lots of situations. Thus, to spend a peaceful time with a baby, practice playing, feeding, bathing the youngsters and keep these steps in mind.


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  1. Gayoung Kim | Your essay is well organized and delivered very clearly. It's neat and simple so that I could understand the concept very well. Thesis statement in introduction part includes all the ideas you're gonna refer. And there are process not only in each paragraph, but also through whole writing. Your insights, experiences, and recommendations work well as details. Overall, this is great writing I think! Thanks for sharing! :-)