Thursday, March 12, 2015

201102687 Jun ki Lee / Write something about yourself that no one else knows / Thursday 1-3pm

I am not the kind of person who keep a lot of secrets, but if I have to point at one, people do not know that I was not as active person I am now. When I was just a child, I was afraid of changes. I had always hoped that things will stay as they were. I did not like the change because I hated starting everything over. Having new relationship, learning entirely new things and stuffs like that just was not for me. However, it changed when I experienced living abroad. My father was transferred to Mississippi, U.S., and as a result whole family had to move to other country. That was the time when the fear struck me the most. I was not sure if I would get used to in getting 100% new life. However, it made all the change. All the things I worried about became the fun of my life. Start was learning new language and culture. What I thought would be very difficult happen to be very intriguing. Making new friends was even better. Everyday I would meet these new people and make them my friend. After those experience, I became a person who 'waits' for change because I know that change means new chances for everything.

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