Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Young Ho Chun/write something about yourself that no one else knows/Thursday 1-3(pm)


Away from cellphones


There are many guys who occupied for the army. Each people have special experience during the period as a soldier in Korea. I cannot say that my corps is the toughest in my country but I swear my service term was very valuable and priceless. Many Korean guys often consider the service term is useless, even they regard it as a waste of time. But in my case it was a chance to take a time for introspection.

As you all know, when we be a soldier we are not allowed to use cell phones, computer and other electronic machines. When I was 20, the year which is 1 year before being a soldier, the Facebook was very pervasive. Nearly everyone had a ID and they communicated with each other so frequently.  It was also a powerful means to express oneself to others by posting one's daily life, emotion and photos.


Since I recruited for the army, I couldn't even touch a cell phone for 21 months except vacation. Also my troop stayed in mountain to protect our GP(Guard Post). GP places nearby demilitarized zone so it is hard to use not only cell phones but also water to shower. It was painful for the first few months. But as time passes by, I adapted to my new life and now I retrospect that period was very valuable. By staying away from cell phone, I could fully concentrate with my comrades nearby me. I talked with guys more often and deeply. Without cell phone I truly spent my time with my friends in there. Also it gave a chance to meditate. During the service period I thought a lot and those ideas would not be associated when I had not occupied for the army.

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