Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lee SeongHo / To write a good essay with a pertinent structure / Thursday 1:00 - 3:00 PM


Writing a good essay is so called a touchstone to a person's overall character, identity and life . a well written material can show an individual to others in efficient ways , sometimes much more than speech can. For examples, writing some essays is always involved in human's affairs such as self introduction essay in entering to a university and company, journal entries , writing some advertisement and putting it on a board, and even love letters. Then, how to write and what to write a pertinent essay? Its structure of ideas, a format we learn in schools and pertinent Storytelling.



Structure of an essay , consisting of introduction , body paragraph and conclusion , is essential in writing and what writers should bear in mind when writing . first , when writing an introduction , writers always have to remember that an essay is not supposed to be dull and tribute like a encyclopedia . because an essay is not merely for memorizing or learning some concepts of a notion or word but a method of giving a person's story and character and so on further than a simple information resource. So , as we know , we use a hook . as using a hook in introduction , we make readers able to enjoy reading and to warm up like speakers using some icebreakers in their presentation . so not too simple but kind of interesting introduction is the first way to write an essay well.


Second, body paragraphs are tools to orientate readers to more specific topics of the written material. If we line up all the funny or icebreakers verbosely and continuously , it's original intention and meaning get useless and the essay ,itself , is not an essay. So after introduction giving specific topics to the essay is very fundamental in writing as well. And also the specific topics can involve the background information, examples and solutions to each bring in a problem.


Third , what is the simplest and also the most important in writing , a conclusion is written the last in as essay . it should be usually short, clear and critical. It gets more specific than body paragraphs , of course . it's main purpose is , so to speak , to summary all the specific topics in body part and organize the main idea from a number of sentences and then let the readers check if they understood what the writer wanted to say by a couple of paragraphs .



In my conclusion , an essay should be pertinent in every part , organized with introduction , body paragraphs and conclusion. Hooks , specific topics and the last summary are fundamental factors in making an essay good to read , well meaning delivering and orienting the readers to the core .  


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