Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lee, Jun Ki / To Be a Better Poker Player /Thursday 1-3pm

What do you think about gambling? Do you think that it just depend solely on luck? At least Texas Holdem, the most commonly known poker, does not rely on luck only. Main skills for Texas Holdem are poker face, bluffing, and folding. With these skills, you will be able to do much better in playing poker.


           Firstly, keeping yourself calm is very important when playing poker. Your facial expression is a good clue for others to predict your cards. Since people are not able to see other people's card, they look for other factors that would reflect your standing in the game. The point of poker face is having one expression all throughout the game. It would not matter if you could smile for every second of the game even if you have the worst cards in your hands. As long as your expression does not change, it is considered poker face. You will have to read other facial expression and at the same time you should not show yours.


           Secondly, skill called bluffing could help you when you are playing poker. Bluffing basically means lying. You can not always get the cards that you want, but you can act like you have them. If you raise your betting, most people would think that you have a great shot. This would trigger others to fold the game. If you could fool all the other players, you will be able to win the game even if you had the worst combination. Bluffing is great way to escape from bad situation. Others will misunderstand your signs, and it would make them lose the game.


           Lastly, folding without hesitation would make you a better poker player. We all know that we can not always get what we want, so if you do not see the chance, just give up. Folding at early stage of the game would minimize your loss. Folding is as important as betting skill. It is a ticket for immediate escape. Do not hold on to something that wouldn't give you a single chance. Always know your standing in the game. Bluffing is a good skill but it could also mean huge consequences. Make your move unexpectedly! To do that you sure have to know when to fold.


           In conclusion, there are few skills that could help you when you are playing poker. Poker face, bluffing, and folding are three main skills that could help you in game. Although poker is gambling, at the same it is not 'just' gambling. Remember these few tips and you would be better poker player.


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  1. Hi Jun Ki! I am Chun Young Ho. I really enjoyed your writing. Your essay's theme is quite impressive. Your thesis statement briefly introduces some main concepts and processes but I think more sufficient information should be provided. Background information for each processes are sufficient. Also each paragraph presents a different part of the processes but lacks some sequential logic. I think 3 processes does not have continuous flow. The body paragraph has facts, definitions details. I can feel your kindness toward reader. Your conclusion part is emphasizing your main concepts. I think it is good way to end your essay. See you in class.