Wednesday, March 18, 2015

201302308 이두석 / Simpler, the better / Thursday 1-3pm

Simpler, the better

Many young students these days have preference to use words and expressions  that are hard to understand especially when writing in English. However, this kind of writing is not very ideal for young writers. There are few reasons why students should try to write simple as possible.

There could be many goals or intentions when people write, but I think prime intention in writing is to express writer's thoughts and ideas to other people. In order to do this successfully, using words and phrases that are simple and precise is essential. Some writers might say using simple and easy expressions is too easy, boring, and not worth practicing. But in fact, describing your thoughts using easy and simple expression is not easy at all. You have to elaborately think about what you want to describe before you write. When I was in middle school, there was a time I had to write a letter to my younger cousin. Since he was abroad, I had many things to write, but because he was only 11 years old, I had to write as precise and simple as possible. After I finished writing, I took a look at my letter, and frankly I thought it was a poor writing. But my parent took a look at it and said that it was the best letter I have ever written.  That moment I realized that easy writing is more affective in expressing your feelings to someone else.

The another reason I think that simple writing is ideal is because of situations around the world. As technology develops, English  is prime factor in communicating with people around the world. But for those people who speak English as their second language, complex writing can be hard to understand. Also, beginning twenty-first century, use of delicate words have decreased. Therefore, writing in precise English is also a choice appropriate to changing world.


  1. Hello, I quite enjoyed reading yours. I believe you picked a very important issue in writing―especially for English-as-a-second-language writers―that a lot of people emphasize. Unlike some others, your article has one clear idea throughout the whole contents. Thanks to that, it was very easy to read and understand. There is one thing I want to raise a question: to what extent is keeping simplicity applied? It seems like your idea is confined to the level of word and phrase, but what about the sentence and paragraph level? Considering that could`ve helped you generate diversity in your thesis.

  2. Hi I am Jun ki from your class. Your idea took entirely different approach from me. It is something I never thought about ! Writing simple would help larger audiences to understand my writing. I will keep it in my mind when I will be writing.

  3. I am Dong Yi Kang. This is refreshing! I'm a personal believer of intricate writing, yet you wrote in support of simple writing!