Monday, March 16, 2015

Bae Young Ha/Easy, Clear, Organized/Thursday 56

In college, students are required to write many things; Essays, reports, theses and cover letters. Even though college students have to go through so many writings, quality writings are not guaranteed. Some students get their writing right, while others still have difficulties in writing well. There are several points you should keep in mind to get your writing right. A Good Writing has to be easily understood, have a clear purpose, and be well organized.

First of all, it is necessary that readers understand your writing easily. You aim at readers when you write, whether they are professors or other people. If your readers have troubles understanding your writing, you can't say you got your writing right. For instance, I once wrote an essay at a TOEFL test and I thought it was quite good. When I got the report card, however, the score was not that high. The report card said my essay was too difficult to understand. Also my writing was too abstract and lacked specific examples. So when you write, you have to consider the readers and make it easy to understand.

Furthermore, the purpose of your writing has to be clear. The goal of your writing could be to explain something that you know, persuade someone or insist on something. Therefore, the first thing you should do before writing is decide what you want to do with your writing. If you don't set the purpose, readers may be confused. For example, you describe benefits of watching movies and then you insist that a movie theater shouldn't be located near schools. What's the point of your writing? Make it clear what you want to say so that the whole writing could be understood well.

Last but not least, a good writing is supposed to be well organized. A well-organized writing helps you grab the meaning clearly. Suppose you are writing an essay. An essay is divided into three parts; the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Each part consists of many sentences, which could be a topic sentence or supporting details. Like this, every type of writing needs structure. If your writing has a firm structure, we can say it is well organized.

To get your writing right, you have to think about how easy to understand your writing is, how clear the purpose of your writing is, and how well your structure is organized. If you consider these factors whenever you write, you'll be a good communicator with your readers. You need a lot of practice and it takes much time to be a better writer. I'm pretty sure, however, following those three suggestions will help you shorten the time it takes to get your writing right.

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  1. Oh Ga-yeong 201202029March 17, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    Hello~Young Ha! I'm Ga yeong and I read your post well :) Like you mentioned above, your writing also makes the readers understand easily, has a clear purpose and was well-organized. So I can say that you achieved your three goals :) I also think that these three points that you mentioned is important when we write something. We have to write clearly because there are always readers. Also, if we don't set up the proper purpose, we can lose our focus and get out of the main topic. As my feedback, your thesis statement and topic sentences in each paragraph were clear enough to understand. So I could follow your writing's flow easily. And this is so minor thing but I want to suggest that if you pay more attention to minor grammers it would be perfect :) For example, in the sentence "Therefore, the first thing you should do before writing is decide what you want to do with your writing.", we need "to" in front of "decide". Thank you!!