Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seongho Lee / How to get fat, not thin / Thursday 56

'I want to get thin …', 'I must not eat dinner! ', 'failed this month's diet!' I got 2 kilograms!' These things are often spoken by universal people irrespective of sex (yet more in female), country, social status and sometimes age. And 'how to lost weight 'can't help being a consistent interest in our world. But, why not 'How to get weights ' ? or ' how to become fat ' ? the reason is very simple. So many people think that to be fat is very easy because it's just alright to eat much. Yet, it's not true of every skinny person. He or she may have some reason for example ,too much stress , some problem in inner organs like intestines or stomach or sheer body constitution, so to speak, from scratch !. I am also a very thin boy, whose weight is below 55 kilograms with 176 centimeters of height. I tried to get to so called a normal body weight but I got frustrated for several times. After all I someday made my body 10 kilograms up within only 2 months and I found the solution followed by 3 steps 'nutrition, working out, timing.


When it comes to nutrition, it may be easy to think of calories. Yes, it not totally wrong. Simply, we intake a lot of calories first, the calories taken into our body are used for many organs' function, and the rest calories go to our fat. however, if you only think this , you may be unaware of how to take the calories healthily. One of reasons we can not get bigger is that our intestines are not properly working, especially on fat. But you always eat hamburgers, cheese, pork and so on. At first you may look a bit better but in a long vision, it's bad. So, what to eat? It's very simple. We have to eat carbohydrates and proteins instead of a lot of fat. Intestines in humans' body are not really good at digesting fat but good at digesting protein and carbohydrates such as bread, rice, chicken breast part, corn, low fat milk , fish , etc… so, if we stop being obsessed with fat and focus on more well-being food, then we can reach our own target used to be impossible before, healthily !

Working out can't be omitted here. Everyone does it. In every single activity's goals are different. But we need to single out what is we have to do. First of all, our purpose is to get fat but only getting fat is not really desirable. Yes, what we need is volume our body, not merely fat. So do not run. Do not jog. Do not exercises that burn your calories too much. But do weight trainings. Dumbbells and barbells will be your soul mate. Pick one by suitable weights to your body and raise by your biceps, it's called dumbbell curl. Insert some suitable plates to both sides of a barbell, lie on a bench, push it up to sky vertically, it's called bench press. If you want to widen your shoulders, you can stand or sit on a chair, grip two dumbbells or barbell with smaller plates, and then raise it up. Isn't it simple? Ye, but it's not everything. Biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders are not enough. To get body fitness, you have to enhance you back, legs as well. It's also simple. You can do pull ups, squats, dead lift.

In a concept named 'timing', what I want to say is literally the time between eating and working out. since we learned one thing that we have to take a lot of carbohydrates and protein, it's really easy for us to get oblivious about what's going on in our body while drinking carbohydrate or protein drink too much. It can burden our body. It's also very simple one. Do not eat or drink 30minutes before you start working out. Our body has to digest the nutrition and get all the nutrition absorbed to our muscle and other organs. If you plan to drink supplement drink, immediate you finish your working out, drink it. Because melted protein and carbohydrate in milk or water will be absorbed faster than any other kind of food, it's the best for you to recover your damaged muscles and get the muscles bigger by the same nutrition. And sometimes you may rest at home, you eat food as much as you can but not supplement drink because , at home you have so many things to eat or drink , you do not need to drink the supplement drink which is more expensive than natural food but less healthier that natural things.


So, finally I came up with three points you have to get in order that we can improve our less charming appearance. Nutrition, Working out, and timing. After this time if anyone who think of him or herself as too thin and skinny but unable to get fat and bigger no matter what he or she does and eats, I strongly recommend that anyone like that do eat more carbohydrates and protein with less fat, do weight training, and keep the proper time you take any kind of food and supplement drink. Do not give it up only because you can't find yourself change. Someday, you may be seeing yourself get out of a skeleton body.



  1. First of all, I was attracted by the topic of your essay. Although I can say I'm more professional on 'how to put on weight' or 'how to become fat', LOL it was worth reading your essay. Your writing makes good arguments and some of them were educationally rewarding. Assessing from structural viewpoint, you have five paragraphs so far, a clear thesis statement with great hook, details about three steps to follow in each body paragraph. Above all, it was easy to follow your reading and I learned some from your essay. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Hi I am your classmate Seohee, your topic really caught my attention. Your thesis statement about the 3 steps 'nutrition, working out, timing has well summarized your essay. I could also found the background information about how people think about this problem; I think that it was a good background information to start with. Every paragraph mentions different processes of how to gain weight and the sequence is also logical because first you’ve mentioned about the nutrition, then how to work out and how to manage both of them. Your details were enough to understand your essay, and your recommendation as a conclusion was great, Thank you!!