Tuesday, March 24, 2015

201200440 Kim Minji/People throw tomatoes!/Thursday1-3pm


People throw tomatoes!


Here are people who throw tomatoes at each other. Are they mad? No. They are normal people who enjoy 'La Tomatina', the festival that is held in Bunol. Bunol is the small town in Spain but during festival period, it is crowded of many people around the world. Begin on the last Wednesday of August, participants throw tomatoes purely for fun.


     La Tomatina is started at Plaza del Pueblo. The shops around the plaza are closed early because owners want to protect their shops from tomatoes. The amount of the tomatoes spend during the festival is over 40 tons, nearly 150,000 tomatoes. They are come from the Extremadura which provide not delicious but cheap tomatoes.

The festival begins at eleven o' clock. First, the long pole which held ham on the top is installed at the plaza and participants gather around it. They struggle to get the ham and if someone gets it, the tomato throwing is begun.


     Next, crowds toss tomatoes at each other. Men and women of all enjoy this event therefore it seems like funny war. The town is immediately full with red tomatoes. People should follow the rules for safety. They should toss the tomatoes after squeezing it because firm tomatoes can hurt the people. Also for protecting the eyes, wearing goggles and gloves is recommended. Pulling or tearing the other's clothes is prohibited. This kind of festival is easily going to the extreme so the limited time is only one hour.


Finally, the cannon spoke for telling the end of the festival. From this time, no more tossing is allowed. Crowds allow the fire trucks to pass the road after the cannon booming. The fire trucks hose the streets and plaza. The acidity in the tomatoes is harmful to the wall and the buildings so cleaning them carefully is needed. People go river Bunol and wash themselves. The progress of cleaning up the town in the few hours is another popular attraction.


We all dream of breaking away the routine of daily life. La Tomatina is the annual festival held in Spain. This mean here is the chance for you to realize your dream once a year. Although your clothes and body is full with tomatoes and even hard to walk around, this world festival satisfied a lot of people in the world. And it's time for you to enjoy La Tomatina.


  1. I love this! Wish I could visit Spain one day and check out this rad festival. You wrote about the process of La Tomatina festival and it was clearly stated on the first paragraph. You included background information such as time, place, how they throw tomatoes, and some other interesting facts. Your essay was in a timely sequence so I would say it was logical. I don't find any part that I feel it lacks certain information. I particularly loved your conclusion part. Yes, we all do dream of getting away and throw something at anybody without feeling guilty! Thank you for sharing with us such a wonderful festival! (201101883/Hyojeong Shim)

  2. Hi. I'm Chihwan. I've heard about the La Tomatina festival in Spain, though I didnt know its happening in a town called Bunol. I think you explained the topic and the background information properly. And I noticed your essay is in a logical time sequence, which I appreciate. Plus, you included a wonderful recommendation that readers visit Spain and enjoy the festival in the concluding paragraph, which I read with smile. I saw some grammatical errors but not serious ones.