Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oh Ga-yeong/Steps to give your friend who lives abroad a present/Thursday 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Steps to give your friend who lives abroad a present

     Do you want to make your friend who lives abroad happy? Then, send a package right now. Recently, I have sent a parcel to my foreign friend who lives in France. The procedure to send a gift was a little bit complicated but after sending it, I felt great amount of satisfaction. If you also want to send a gift to your friend who lives abroad so as to please your friend, follow my advice. This advice can make your friend deeply touched. Here are the steps to give your friend who lives abroad a present : prepare various gifts, ask your friend about his or her address and home telephone number in advance, and go to the post office with your presents.   

     Firstly, prepare all the gifts that you will send to your friend. The gifts which show distinct feature of Korea can make your friend more happy than the common gifts which can be found easily in France also. So for these special gifts, I went to 'Insa-dong' , the town that people can experience Korean traditional culture. In 'Insa-dong', we can find a lot of Korean products which have a traditional atmosphere. Moreover, you can also make your friend pleased by sending a lot of delicious Korean food. In my case, I sent various Korean cookies that my friend had loved when she was in Korea. If all the presents are prepared, you can also add your letters to your friend in the parcel.  

     Secondly, ask your friend about his or her address or home telephone number in advance before you send your package. I understand that you want to send gifts to your friend as a surprise but then your gifts may be sent to somebody else. In my case also, I went to the post office to send my gifts but I had to come back home because I didn't know exactly my friend's home telephone number. I felt really disappointed because I went to the post office with expectation. So please ask your friend in advance! Never challenge a surprise.   

     If everything is ready, finally, you can go to the post office! You can visit the nearest post office from your house. After you arrive at the post office, wait until postal workers call out your number. They will ask you the way you send your parcel. There are two ways. One is by the ship and the other is by the airplane. I don't want to suggest sending by the ship. Postal workers said that if you send your package by the ship, it takes about one or two months and that rats can eat away the food in your parcel. So the airplane might be a better choice. Instead, you should take enough money with you because sending by the airplane costs a lot.  

     So these were my advices which can make your friend who lives abroad happy. Don't forget. You have to prepare the presents which show distinct feature of Korea, know in advance your friend's address and phone number, and lastly, you have to take a lot of money with you when you go to the post office. Even though it costs a lot, you will feel satisfied after you send a package to your cherish friend. Actually, my French friend also have sent me the package including various French cookies as an expression of gratitude after she had received the package that I sent. By sending a package, you can feel increased friendship between you and your friend! 


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