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Jung Eun / The Capitol of Witchcraft (First draft of writing about festival / Thurs 56

Capitol of the witchcraft


        Do you like supernatural films? Would you like to try out some shaman practices? Then the coastal town of 'Catemaco', Mexico can answer to all your prayers. You can either curse somebody you hate or obtain cure for your personal problems. The festival which is known as 'The Night of the Witches (Noche de Brujas)'is held on the first Thursday night in March and carries on through the weekend. Streets and alleys are surrounded by seers, magicians and witches. Not only can you explore a variety of occults, oracles and magical practitioners, but also enjoy the beauty of nature in Lake 'Catemaco'.


In a city where people pride themselves in being the world's 'capitol of witches', the first weekend of March every year is marked by 'gala events' where a ceremony for mass spiritual cleansing takes place. Other special ceremonies are in place for those who would like to seek advice from their favorite witches and prophets in return for some dollars. Before discovering various types of occults and magicians, people experience a cleansing ceremony for purifying every negative energies that are piled up for the sake of their wishes to be better fulfilled afterwards. As they finish spiritual purification, countless number of shamans, magic and tarot card shops abound for the visitors to consult a fortune or to procure herbal remedies for personal issues.

Once you have made decision on your favorite type of witchcraft, you can try out some related type of magic, hiring a witch to perform a curse on whom you hate or casting a spell by yourself to wish for your own desires. In addition, a number of oddity hunters, provisional spiritualists are on standby for visitors to take them to the exhilarating world. When the ceremony starts on 'The Night of the witches', you can grasp the opportunity to see and glamorous stage of dance as well as song performances along with the side stalls vending a myriad of extravaganza of mystical seers.

'Catemaco' is not the only place for witchy fans. Adventures to Lake 'Catemaco' will grant you outdoor opportunities to explore the mystical lake where you can see as much natural beauty as you like in a portable sailboat. In the center of the six-mile wide lake are a number of islands. One of these is conventionally known as 'Monkey Island' where a great deal of scientific study had taken place for its splendid colony and this island has been a lovely place for experiencing spa in mineral mud. To the South, you can discover unspoiled beaches and picturesque villages that dot the coastal plains. In the opposite direction, a thick and dense tropical forest provides you breathtaking views of rich tropics. Several dozen films, such as 'Medicine Men' and Mel Gibson's Apocalyto were filmed in this place.

The Mexico town of 'Catemaco' is a perfect festival venue for those getting itchy feet to the supernatural world. From process of your spiritual purification, exploring diverse witchcraft, consulting a fortune to trying out real spells on our own, you can achieve a real sense of what it is like to live in the supernatural world. While relaxing in a sheer luxury of nature's wonder, whether you visit for the magical aspect of the community or for the natural aspects of the region, an adventure into this dazzling festival of Mexico is worthwhile to pay a visit.

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  1. Hi I’m you classmate Seohee, your topic really caught my attention and I could find firstly your thesis statement which was, “Not only can you explore a variety of occults, oracles and magical practitioners, but also enjoy the beauty of nature in Lake Catemaco”. The statement is very clear also the background information made me clear what this essay will be about. Also the presentation of the processes has all the parts of the thesis statement, so it has a logical sequence with each necessary detail to explain each step. And your conclusion as recommendation was perfect to end with your essay. Thank you!!!