Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kim Minji201200440/Write your own story/Thursday1-3pm


Write your own story.


Nowadays, we can search all information we need in Internet. If you search the topic you like in Google, you could see thousands of results. By searching the internet, you can get accurate information whenever you want. Then what makes your own writing more special than huge amount of other's writing? I think the answer is one's experience in life.


The following basic rule about writing is definitely important. We know the head should contain the hook, body should clearly state the details, and the conclusion should conclude the thesis statement. These are all answers in the textbook. But many students are still in trouble about writing essays although they know the answers.

I think accumulating the experiences is the first step prior to learning head, body, and conclusion. Students can't write the special essay by talking about some foolish dream or just following the other's topic. The story should be their own stories and the topic should be come from their experiences.


Reading many books is common method for experiencing and it is truly important. I thought that my circumstance is same with others when I was young. However, I learned that all characters in books are different and their thoughts and actions are also different. The writers' creative thinking impressed me and gave the good ideas for my essay. Reading is the indirect experience but you can talk with the great people who died early. All great men and women left their books for us. Therefore, the students who want to write the good essay must read many books.


Going on a trip is the direct experience and the memory you had from it would bring you many topics for writing. I traveled some countries and learned that there are a lot of cultures and each has their own life pattern. Knowing the differences between people makes me feel more generous to others and care about environment. I always want to share the happy memory I experienced in traveling and this can be the topic of my other essay. Like me, if students do something and learn lessons from it, it can be the topic of their essay.

Travel does not always mean visiting other countries. Just climbing up the mountain or visiting other city is the other concepts of travel. For students who are in trouble determining the topic, I want to say "Please just get out of your house and go outdoors."


The bestselling book named "30 Lessons for living" by Karl Pillemer is the story about the lessons which old people want to share with the young. What makes old people wiser than us? It's their experience! For student writers, it's natural that writing is difficult. However it's difficult for making new experience in age. Therefore, accumulating the experience early in life is the important to get writing right.

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  1. I totally agree to your suggestion. Experiencing, whether direct or indirect, is very important in your life and also in writing. Sometimes I have struggle coming up with writing materials. This is because I'm short of many experiences such as reading and traveling. Your writing made me feel like I have to read and travel more. Thank you for sharing your ideas!