Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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The Importance of Plays


When I was young, I used to be a very shy and introvert girl who tends to stay quietly and do something alone. I refused to do activities that needed active participants and that made me to avoid playing sports. However, I had a chance to turn into different person. In elementary school, I got an opportunity to go abroad and lived by myself without my parents. The first couple of days when I arrived to that country, I cried several times a day because it was strange and awkward place and atmosphere to me. Although after a month, I totally adjusted to the new environment and I slowly changed to a new person having completely different personality.


Since I couldn't speak English fluently, the only way that I could hang out with my friends were playing out, do something with using my body. I joined a school volleyball club, I went to a dance academy with my friends and in the weekend, we always swam in front of our yard. All these outdoor activities made me physically healthy but also mentally confident. In Korea, I couldn't even do one jump when I was doing jump roping, I was really scared of water so I couldn't imagine swimming in the pool. Though, the circumstances that I was in made me go out and play sports activities. The outdoor activities actually made me a bright and optimistic person with full of confidence.


Now I became much more sociable and outgoing person than my childhood. My parents also often talk about how much I've changed through just living in different environment and doing activities with mates. This little story is just part of myself but it has the biggest meaning and importance to me. Thus, from my own experience, I'd like to recommend someone who's having hard time associating with other people to do some outdoor activities or play sports.


  1. Gayoung, Kim / I really enjoyed your story! Although I personally think introverted personality has its own strong points, I couldn't agree more to your opinion about playing sports. I sometimes think too much and worry about things that rarely happens. But after I regularly go to gym, I become less distracted to those anxious feelings. Anyways, thanks for sharing such a great experience!

  2. This writing reminds me of my friend who changed from outgoing to introverted personality after he went abroad to study. Anyways I think in your case staying in a foreign country benefited you. Playing sports makes us mentally strong as well as physically. I aslo go to gym regularly which help me to be more active and energetic. We cannot separate mental health from physical health. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience:)