Friday, March 13, 2015

201581012 Ji hyun Lee/Becoming aware of myself/120315 Thurs 56

I think it is a little unusual experience. When I was in middle school, I started thinking about myself and my life. There was not many people who think about themselves in adolescence. I used to be lost in my thought when I was alone. I did not have any problem with friends. However, when I came back to home after hanging out with friends pleasantly, my feeling was so empty. I always felt I had missed something. I had a doubt about myself, why I felt insatiable in my mind. Also, I asked myself 'why do I live?, What can I do after growing up as an adult?, What is mean of true life?' My questions constantly arose out of my thought but nobody gave me answers. Even if someone tried to give answers, those answers didn't agree with me. One day, I met a teacher. I did not anticipate being able to receive answers to my questions, however, his lucid explanation dispelled all my doubts. A human has 3 parts which are body, soul and spirit. Even if one of these thing is unfulfilled, people may feel empty and forgotten something in their life. So I make an effort to learn about brain and spirit. Anyway, I think it is important to know about human because it directly associate with ourselves. 

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