Tuesday, March 17, 2015

201300076 Kang Ji Woon/ Don't Force Your Essay to be Perfect / Thursday1-3pm

'Don't force your essay to be Perfect'


When writing some writings, people seem to be very concerned about how well their writing. They try to gather the background knowledge that would back up what they're trying to say in their writings. And they tend to be very concerned about the contents such as how they constructed their writings and how well the sentences are expressing their ideas. They would be extremely careful about their expression even in the first time of writing or endlessly review and revise their essay.

These attitudes of the writers are both good and bad for their writing. Of course, trying to making their own writing – either essay or sentences – better is not a bad thing. It's an indication that the writers are responsible for what they wrote and want to make it better.

But, as there is the saying 'Too much is as bad as too little,' being too much concerned about can harm the quality of writing. We can review and revise the essay as many times as we want when it doesn't satisfy us. However, we should be aware of that our revision on some part can affect the whole writing, making its flow go unintended way. Sometimes, I hold onto the thought of perfectness and revise my essay endless, too. But the idea in the essay can get distracted from what I really intend for it to convey. What I wanted to do was just to 'revise' it, but the result can get so far from my original idea that I should rewrite all of it just for the revised part.

That is what will happen when the writer is too concerned(or should I say obsessed?) about making their essay 'perfect'. We should let go of ourselves and try to be more casual on our writing. I'm not saying that we can be careless on our writing. I strongly recommend people to be careful even in their first drabble and revise it thoroughly. Just don't force yourself to be impeccable.

Making an essay better doesn't necessarily mean being paranoid on it. I usually review and revise my essays, but I try not to be too harsh on my writings. It's not because I'm lazy or hold a confidence over my essay. It's because I don't want my essay to be distracted and miss its main flow.

What you should do with your essay is that your essay is not perfect and that you need to revise it within the bounds that make up the main flows of it. Don't lose the whole picture holding onto a small detail on it. The more effective way to make an essay better is not to hold onto every detail, but to make it harmonious.

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  1. Hello I am your classmate Seohee, I really enjoyed your post thank you. I agree with you when you said that the perfectness could effect on the flow of our writing, and it also happened to me when I tried to use difficult words; the flow of my writing got stocked and it was difficult to go ahead with it. But you can consider to fix a little bit your hook because it has the word writing twice so it would be better if you change it into other words. And thank you for your advice it will be very useful!!!