Tuesday, May 19, 2015

201101481 Park Jean/ Qualifications for my dream job/ Thur56

Producer's 3 Qualifications


   When I registered for the spring semester this year, I had concerns about my dream, to be exact, what kind of job I should look for in the near future. Of course the most significant part is how much I can be grateful and be fond of to work in that area. There are other factors, however, to be thought such as personalities, major, working experiences and I have concluded that considering all the factors synthetically, a broadcast producer is my dream job. I believe that I fit perfectly with all those qualifications to be a producer.


   First of all, since I was a very young girl, I have always dreamed of performing on a stage and have my name credited. If I think back now, it meant that I hoped to be noticed and remembered from other people that I've never met before. That uncompleted dream has now turned into making creative contents so that I can bequeath my work and name in next generations. I think producer is the perfect career to achieve my dream and since I already have a passion and vision to be the great contents creator, I'll be qualified enough to be a program producer.


   Furthermore, a producer is in the position where it needs a leadership and responsibility to direct and navigate the whole program team. In addition, producer's work load is known to be massive and it's just unimaginable to follow daily routines with regularity. All these facts considered, I think I'm qualified because I have a characteristic to handle all those tough conditions that has mentioned. I tend to be very patient on anything once I start the work and do not blame on others or whine at my environment.


   Lastly I think my major is also one of the strong points to show that I'm qualified to be a producer. I major in media communication department, specifically the journalism area. Although major is not considered as the most important part to apply for a certain job but it's definitely helpful if you know some academic knowledge regarding to that field. From the past four years of learning, I believe I understood the basic theories and process of how mass communication works and how I should develop all the learning through a real practice.


   In conclusion, at this moment, my dream job is a broadcast producer, both producing and directing a program. I feel myself is ready to experience and devote my life in that working field and I'm confident because my personality, major and internal desire just matches with the working conditions of producer. Although recruiting a producer is very rare and even they prefer experienced people, I'll give it a try to achieve my goal and be satisfied with my job. If I put my time and efforts on work that I can enjoy then success will follow automatically.


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  1. First, your thesis statement captures all the major points argued in the essay. It is clear, explicit and simple. As your topic sentences are placed at the initial part of each body paragraph, paragraphs are united as one logical idea. Supporting details are coherent with topic sentences in body paragraphs. Overall, your essay was well organized, easy to follow and grabbed my attention.