Wednesday, May 20, 2015

201102687 Lee, Jun Ki / Man for the Job / Thur 1-3pm

Do you think what you 'want to' do and what you are 'good at doing' are same? Or do you think they are different? For me, I can say that I am lucky to find them matching. The job I am trying for, diplomat, requires 3 characteristic broad-mindedness, sociability, and talking skills. These 3 skills are something I am very confident at.


                  Firstly, broad-mindedness is a vital factor for a diplomat. Diplomats should be able to accept any culture that are existing. They have to interact with other nations without any personal feelings and stereotypes. For diplomat I think any culture should be considered 'different', not good or bad. I myself can confidently say that I have the broad-mindedness. Broad-mindedness is nothing difficult, but people naturally have trouble when faced with difference. I never say that I can or cannot understand some culture. When I 'try to understand', it already means that I am trying to judge them by my own standards. I just take them as how they are. I accept things as just how they are. If you think like this, there is no good or bad among differences.


                  Secondly, sociability is very important ability for a diplomat. Diplomat is professional at dealing with people from various backgrounds. For them they need to be able to associate with every citizen of world. Getting close with other people is a base for the field of diplomacy. Sociability is another characteristic that I have. I personally love meeting new people, and when I meet new people, it does not end by meeting them once or twice. I try to build personal tie with others once I met them. I basically try to be friend with them. The best part is that I enjoy this process. For example, I would start the class alone, but when the course ends, I always end up making 2 or 3 friends inside the class. If it is about meeting and knowing other people, I am the man for the job.


                  Lastly, diplomat is should be a specialist in talking skills. Their main job is to talk the ways so that 2 nations could collaborate together. Negotiation and talking skill is the above all necessity for a diplomat. Your job is to persuade other to work along with you or your nation. I have always had interest and skill in persuading people. I know how to talk through people. I can object to something without disturbing others, and I can send a crystal clear message in a more plausible way. I have a lot of debate and presentation experiences and I enjoy them. To me persuading a person is an exciting task.


                  In conclusion, to be a diplomat, sociability, broad-mindedness, and conversational skills are needed, and I have always thought that I have those abilities. Diplomat should not be an easy job, and its importance is growing as a result of globalization. However, one thing I can be certain about is that I will be able to 'enjoy' being a diplomat.


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