Wednesday, May 20, 2015

201200340 Do Young Kim / Area 51

I always gazed into the night sky and wondered what I want to do for a living every once in awhile and these nightly star gazing sessions have become more frequent as I moved closer towards my college graduation. After endless soul searching, I still couldn't reach a solution and I started to count the stars in the night sky. Then I started to wonder, how many stars are out there? How can I come up with a way to count them all and label them? Is this even possible? These questions have led me to conclude that I wanted to discover and explore new possibilities beyond Earth. I want to solve mysteries and wonders of the universe and expand our world beyond Earth. I desire to be the Sherlock Holmes of space.

My dream job is a but peculiar in the sense that I do not simply desire to be an astronaut or a space scientist. I want to discover and explore the universe myself like an astronaut would but I also desire to research the mysteries and wonders of the universe myself like a space scientist would at the same time. I desire to work in the field and in the lab in order to discover and research in every way humanly possible about the world beyond Earth. I want to be a field working consultant who has appropriate field training and lab knowledge that consults for various space agencies and research facilities.

The next big question is whether I have the qualifications and skills to get this job that my heart desires. The simple answer is no. On the surface, I have no space relevant education nor the experience to start my career in the field of aerospace science. I'm also quite old and already at the end of my college career as well and this means that my window of opportunity is even more narrow. I also have no training nor the connections to expedite my process to become the Sherlock Holmes of space. However, my desire, passion, and curiosity are the elements that suggest that I could indeed have this dream job of mine.

I desire to solve these mysteries and wonders of the universe and this desire is deeper than any other interest that I have ever shown to any subject in my life. I also have the passion that burns brighter than the sun towards discovery of world beyond Earth and I have the curiosity within me that is as infinite as space itself which makes me want to explore and search for answers that everyone else has failed to find. These three elements within me makes me certainly qualified for the job based purely on character.

There is a dilemma here. I am qualified for my dream job as a person but I am not qualified for my dream job as an expert. And father time is not on my side either as I am in my mid 20's. Some say I am still young but I don't think I am young enough to simply pursue my dream job which is completely irrelevant to my current education and skill set. Realistically speaking with given circumstances, my dream job will just stay merely as my dream job.

It's a shame that my dream job will never be realized due to the fact that I'm too much of a coward to take a blind leap of faith as my window of opportunity is so small. It could sound as a pathetic excuse to some but it is not so pathetic when I'm the one facing the dilemma of pursuing my dream versus survival in reality. However, I remain hopeful because my three elements of desire, passion, and curiosity will live on and as long as these live on within me, my window of opportunity will stay open no matter how small. I will go back to gazing at the stars in the night sky and counting the stars as I remain forever hopeful on turning my dream in to reality some day.

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