Wednesday, May 13, 2015

201102687 Lee, Jun Ki/ Argumentative Essay 2nd Draft / Thus 1~3pm

Where do you get your music files from? These days CD player is out of date, and people usually use Mp3 files to listen to the music. However, there are many people who downloads those though private websites. Intellectual property, the term itself is unfamiliar, but it is deeply related to our lives. Theft of intellectual property, or IP should be considered as wrong doing. It makes creator lack motivation, puts industry into worse position, and against the law.


           Firstly, if people depends too much on illegal downloading, the creator of IP would be discouraged to come up with new ideas. I know that to you the temptation is just undeniable, but to creators IP is a 'job'. They need to make living out of the creations. However, if illegal downloading flourishes, they would not be able to get proper pay check. More and more artists will lack the motivation to show the world 'the new piece'. They will turn back from creating IP, and rather they would find other jobs to sustain their lives. This overall causes the fall of choices we would have in the field of music, film, or etc.


           Secondly, the entire industry will fall. IP theft is not only harm to personal creators, but it will endanger entire industry. Creators need investment, and the companies who make the profit from IP makes the investment. However, the companies are different from creators. For creators, there is a chance that they will still choose to come up with new IP even if they could not get proper pay check. However, for companies, this is not going to work. The moment they do not make the monetary profit is the moment they close down. The entire industry could fall. With no investment, there would be no intellectual property.


           Lastly, the IP theft is clearly against the law. The laws are there to protect the industry. Simply it is a crime. But it seems that no one near us gets being accused of illegal downloading. People are not getting caught yet because companies themselves have to file a lawsuit in order to punish illegal downloads. However, just because they do not file a lawsuit to every single person that does not mean it is legal. The law is there for the long-term benefit for everyone. When law says so, then there is a reason. We should not risk breaking the law just for the temptation of little enjoyment.


           In conclusion, the IP theft is a crime, demotivates creators, and eventually bring the entire industry down. You are just a person, but you are the people at the same time. You think you cannot make the change, but it is only you who could make the change. We enjoy going to a theater every Friday. We enjoy listening to music while walking. It is we who enjoys everything, so it should be we who protects it.


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  1. Gayoung Kim | Nice hook. Your essay seems to be well-organized and sentences are easy to understand. But you can fix small grammar problems; such as the last sentence should be "It should be we who PROTECT it".