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21001256 SeoHee Park/ Abilities for my potential career(final draft)/Thursday 56

Abilities for my potential career (final draft)

My dream is to work at the embassy. I always wanted to work there but I still don't know in which country. I hope to work at the Spain embassy or another embassy related with the Spanish language. I hope to work at the administration area. The qualifications for this area aren't complicated in compare to the requirements of a diplomat. Therefore, I am qualified for this job. The embassy requires a person graduated of a 4 year course college with foreign language courses, a person who can speak Spanish and knows about the culture of the embassy's country and someone who can live in other country for a long time.

First of all, is essential to graduate in a 4 year course college with foreign language courses. Now, I am studying at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies which is a 4 year course college, my major is Spanish and my second major is ETI. I can say that almost all of my courses are in foreign language. As we know, our college is in the top ten universities of South Korea and is the number one on foreign language studies. These qualify the basic requirement to work at the embassy in the administration area or also in the management area. Even though, I am not graduated yet so I have to work hard to get good grades before graduate because the embassy will prefer a person with better grades.

Is necessary to speak Spanish in a high level, also have cultural knowledge of the embassy's country. For example, the Chilean or Colombian embassies in South Korea, the employers speak each other in Spanish even they are Koreans. This is because there are also Chilean or Colombian people working together so it makes necessary to be fluent at the language. And obviously, to be fluent with any language the cultural knowledge is essential. In my case, I've been living in Mexico City for fifteen years so it made me able to acquire enough knowledge of Latin American culture. Also I've learned about Spanish culture on my Spanish major. And I would not have any difficulties on working in Spanish. So I think that this could be my biggest ability in comparison of the other requirements.

A person who works at the embassy needs to be able to work abroad for a long time. This sounds very simple but actually this is difficult, because we have to start our life again in a new country. Also we don't know when we're going to come back to our country if we work as a permanent employee. If I got hired I would fly everywhere specially to Spain, and I wouldn't mind about the residence time. I have experience living in other countries for a long time so I love learning about other cultures and staying in different countries. Also we have to be healthy and legally clean. I am sure by now that I am healthy and I still don't have any problems legally, so I could be able to work abroad for a several time.

To conclude, I mentioned about the requirements to work at the embassy and I explained how qualified I am for those requirements as giving an explication of how's my college, the level of my Spanish also my cultural knowledge, and my position about living abroad. It is very hard to define myself if I am qualified or not, but I tried to be positive. So I hope that the other college students could find their best abilities and be confident about what they have.

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