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First photo :

Second photo :

Power of Photography

Photography is one of the most influential invention of modern society. It allowed human being to record visible memory into actual thing. Even Pulitzer prizes, the most honorable prize in journalism, includes photography as their main prizes. The most powerful and inspiring photos taken by journalists are awarded annually. These photos let people to think about issues and events happening all around the world.


The first photo, which was taken in 1994 at Sudan, is a Pulitzer prize winner photography. It was taken by Kevin Carter, who was a freelance photographer. In the photo, a young girl lies down on poor land. She is starved and on her way looking for food. The way she lies on the ground looks like she is praying for miracle to happen. Behind her, an eagle is staring at the girl, as if it is waiting for the girl to faint, so it can pray on her. Unlike other Pulitzer winner photography, it is a colored photo, and since so, it emphasizes harsh reality more than other black and white photos. This photo draws empathy on outside world, and lets thing about it. It makes people to think that there is a totally different world going around outside, and people are suffering there. 


The second photo which was taken in 1958, is also a Pulitzer Prize Winner photography. In the photo, a boy tries to get into a parade. But he is kindly kept back from doing, by a policeman. In the photo, this process of the boy and the policeman looks very tender. The way that policeman and the boy stares at each other is very touching. Behind, the crowd is looking and smiling at them with a very tender smile. Every points of the photo, the way boy and the policeman stand, the way crowd looking at the crowd, and the faces people are making, makes the photo feel very calm and peaceful.





Both photos have many things in common. Young child appears in both photos, and they are both Pulitzer Winners. Even though they have many things in common, they also have contrasting factors. The child in first photo is not protected by anyone, and she is suffering from extreme poverty. However, the boy in the second photo is protected by the police and has a big smile on his face. The interesting thing is that the second photo was taken more than 30 years earlier than the first photo. The time has passed a lot, but poverty and pain of young children in some parts of the world has not been disappeared. Through these emotions and inspirations raised by these two photographs, we can feel true power of photography.

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