Saturday, June 6, 2015

21001256 SeoHee Park/Expressions of confidence/Thursday 56

"Expressions of Confidence"

The body language and the emotions of the photographs, creates a totally different feelings to the viewers. Here are two women with obesity; one looks confident, bright, happy and charming with her big smile and the other woman looks stressed, dark and worried about her health. In both advertising photographs plus-size women are presented but they show a completely different message. Forward, we will see more detailed about their body language, emotions and the messages of the pictures.

In the picture of the "Woman in Bikini", the first thing that the viewers see on her is the confidence. As we know the majority of the people with obesity are bullied about their weight so it's easy for them to lose their confidence. But she looks confident because first of all, she is wearing a 'red bikini' and posing at the camera with a sexy position with one arm on her head and the other arm on her waist. So it reflects that she is very proud about how she looks. Also, her face is smiling very happily that sends positive emotions to the viewers. The photo has a light tone with bright colors as the red in the foreground and white in the background these attract naturally the viewers.

The second advertising photo is the "Anti-obesity" photograph. First of all, the picture is in black and white which brings serious and worrying emotions to the viewers. The woman is standing with a straight pose watching strongly to the camera like trying to warning us. She has closed her mouth like trying to saying that something it's not good, in this case is the obesity. So she is showing the seriousness of the obesity by showing her body. Her clothes are very usual, so it came to us with more reality than the picture from above. This makes the viewer's thoroughly and warningly about the healthcare.

Both photographs transfer different messages by their colors, lightness, poses etc. But these are advertising photos, so we cannot forget about the messages included in the pictures. It adds more significance to them like on the first picture, "Woman in Bikini" has a message that says, "When I wear a size 14, it doesn't matter, 'cause I look good in size 14!". This totally creates a positive impression that gives hope and confidence to obese people so they can live happily just as how they are. By the contrary, in the "Anti-obesity" picture it says: "My fat may be funny to you but it's killing me". This is a very strong message by advertising that being fat it almost a disease. So it creates gloomy, rigid and heavy atmosphere feelings.

Finally, these two photographs transmit very clearly their messages to the viewers. So the feelings, poses and messages were enough to captivate the attention of the people and make them think about the obesity. And when I saw the pictures instantly I could feel the emotions of happiness, fear, sadness, hope etc. I realized that the power of a picture is a very strong medium to transmit messages.




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