Thursday, June 18, 2015

200902292 Kwanhyung Lee/Every girl has their beauty/Thursday 56

Every girl has their beauty


             It is a father's dream to have two daughters that has their beauty inside and outside their appearance. Whether they are different in race, and skin color, they have their own kind of attractiveness to them. The first picture is believed to be two Mexican little girls who took their photographs when they were playing around the sand. They seem to be disturbed by the photo and looks at the photographer with displeasing eyes. On the other hand, the second photograph of two Caucasian girls seems to be taken the photo in an alley of a town, where they expected the photo to be taken. In the following paragraph, I will discuss the aspects and characteristics of both the photographs in terms of variety of points.


             In the first picture, the main center of interest seems to be the two girls expressing their disturbed emotion. They did not expect the photo to be shot, and the girl on the left is giving a frowning, or staring fiercely at the photographer. On the right, the girl is somewhat disturbed yet questioned about the situation. Probably, she was surprised by the camera and the flash that went off before the photo was taken. She seems to be a bit vigilant, and afraid of the photo-taking situation. In addition, we can see the contrast between the dresses that the girls are wearing. The girl on the left is wearing dotted white, and blue colored dress, which the dots resemble the staring eyes. The right girl on the other hand is wearing black and white striped dress, which goes well with the tanned skin color of her. Lastly, if you see the background, you can see that they are in some kind of deserted area, with dead trees in the back used as boundaries of different property land. The overall mood recalls of the 1940s in Korea, where there were poor kids wandering around after the Second World War was ended, and the two girls seems to be needing something for their basic living.


             In the second picture, the main center of interest is also focused on the two Caucasian girls who are expressing happy and delighted emotion. It seems like they expected the photo to be taken, and they are well aware of the camera. The girl on the left seem to look at the camera with smiling face, that shows emotions of friendliness. She seems to be a personable girl, with a laid-back type of character, as you can see from her right hand into her pocket. On the other hand, the taller girl, who seems to be the older sister of the girl on the left, seems to be expressing pure emotion of happiness by smiling. It seems that she really know how to express her emotion. Also, if you see the right hand of her, she is putting her hand onto the back of the left girl, which shows emotions of caring, and amiable personality.  If you see the background, they seem to be in a back alley of a certain town, with bricks of houses and land that is paved over. It seems that the girls are living in a country that is more advanced and have a higher living standard.


             In comparing two pictures, we can first see the difference in the level of living standard with the picture. The picture on the left shows somewhat poorer living standard in a developing country such as Mexico, or Columbia where on the right photo demonstrates a higher living standard by the background and the looks of her faces. By saying looks of her face is that the girls were well acquainted of the camera, and expected the photo to be taken, whereas the girls on the left photo, seem to be very alert of photo-taking. They probably had seen the camera for the first time. In addition, by the looks of the girls, we can see the difference in parental role of the two girls. On the left photo, the girl's hairs are somewhat tangled and disheveled, as if their parents didn't take care of their children's appearances. However if you see the hair of the two girls on the right, they seem to be taken care by their parents; their hair are somewhat cleaned, and the girl on the right is wearing a headband with a bow tie on. The overall atmosphere of the left photo seems to be poor, alerted girls on the deserted field. On the other hand, the ambience of the right photo seems to be well-taken cared girls, with much love expressing in their facial features.


In conclusion, what it seems like two girls that are the same human, has different features and emotions that they possess. It gives us the question that the effects of the surroundings and the people (parents) they encounter really signal a difference in what they become. As a believer of the theory that human nature is fundamentally good, I believe that the girls were equally born, but they become different from each other because of the different backgrounds and people they meet. By viewing the photograph, I believe that we need to make all four girls with happy faces by distributing the wealth and the capital well in the world. In that way, everybody gets a chance to pursue a better life with happier emotions, from the same starting point.