Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Children: Our Glorious Future





   Children have a magical power to attract people's eyes, making them laugh and release their stress. Also, children make us to draw various emotional feelings than any other subjects of the photograph. This is why there are numerous pictures captured the image of children. There are two pictures below took the picture of two little girls posing in front of the camera. The position, size and periphery are very similar each other, however, the atmosphere of each picture is totally opposite. From the picture, we will be able to derive a conclusion that how light, color tone and facial expression can give critical impact on the moods of photograph.


   The picture in the left, there are two little girls, with unique appearances, staring at the camera. What we can first distinguish from the picture is the face of the girls. Girl in the left is making grumpy face, raising her eyes and blowing up her cheek. The other girl's face is also stiff with clearly seen deep wrinkles in the middle of the forehead. Their hair seems very messy and unwashed for a while and the clothes that they're wearing looks worn out. Then our eyes move on to the bottom of the picture, where one girl is in her bare feet and the other one is wearing some dusted boots. In the back, it's not so vivid and blurred but we can assume that the photo was taken in desert area with dry sands covering the floor and some dead woods stuck behind.


   The picture in the right also captured two little girls standing together and staring at the camera. The two girls are putting arms each other and beautifully smiling as if they're posing to the camera. They are both in bare feet, but it rather looks like they took off intentionally to play more active. Their hairs are neatly brushed with hairbands on and their dresses seem a bit unclean though still wearable. Since the picture is mainly focused on the figure, there's nothing much to describe about the periphery, we can just assume that it might be taken in urban areas where it has brick houses and floor.


   Despite the fact that both pictures are the still cuts of two same aged girls standing together, the mood and the first impression are completely different. Picture in the left seems a bit gloomy because of the children's face and their shabby looks compared to the right one, which children seem joyful and carefree. In addition, even though it's a black and white photo, the left on is overall a grey tone and the color makes the picture look dull. While he right one has more distinctive contrast with more white and black tone. Thus, children's faces having more lights on compared to the periphery of the picture, makes the girls look more cheerful and natural.


   In conclusion, when viewers see these two pictures at the same time, they would have different emotions in their minds. The first one can be looked absurd due to the face expression and how they dressed but soon people will feel somewhat depressed and melancholy. In contrast, people will automatically show a little smile as soon as they see the picture in the right. But no matter what feelings that people sensed, these two photographs have its own value and should be treated precious. It's because children are the one of the most valuabl natural resouces in our sociery and they will be the future itself.

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