Thursday, June 18, 2015

Final essay/201100316 Kim Nam Hye/ Thu 1 pm



 The two Buddies in different scene


Can you remember your childhood? How do you feel when you see old pictures of your time as a boy or a girl? When you see your old picture, you show various looks – happy or sad, smiling or crying. Here we have two pictures in which you can see two girls. Both image have the main center of interest in common, but the mood we feel in the two image is different.

In the left picture, you will see the two girls standing in the middle of the picture. They're grabbing their hands, so they seem to be very close to each other. However, when we pay attention to their facial expression, they look dark, gloomy, serious, and unsatisfactory. A girl in the left even seems to be staring us with having strong dissatisfaction with current situation. She looks tired and weary. Her bare and deep-black foot suggests that she might have walked quite a long way. It looks painful. The other girl in the right also seems very tired and to be scared of something. Except for those two girls, all other components in this picture are out of focus. In the periphery exists nothing special. Background seems to be very meaningless in here. The photographer of this image made those blur in order for us to pay more attention to girls. In the background, some big tree-looking things are standing at the back of girls. This give threatening and bleak impression.

In the right picture, you can also find two girls standing and looking front in the picture. They also grabbing their hands and looked familiar to each other. When we see their facial expressions, we become calm and begin to smile. The overall mood is very positive here. They look satisfied, happy, bright, fun, and playful. They are also in bare foot, but it's very white and clean. So, they don't seem to be exhausted at all. Girls resembled each other, so we can assume that they're siblings. They are wearing a simple dress. They are standing against a wall composed of comfortable looking mortar. The overall focus of this image is very sharp and clear.

    Both of the pictures have the same main center of interest; two buddy girls in similar age. However, the overall mood we feel in each picture is completely different. When see the left picture, we feel depressed and negative feelings. Two girls look very gloomy and lifeless. In contrast, in the right picture, we feel very positive and bright feelings. Girls seems to be happy, energetic, have nothing to be worry about. Also, in the left picture the main center of interest is highly stressed. As other components in the picture is blur, we pay full attention to girls in the middle. Their clothes of dotted, and striped pattern also make us pay attention to the center of interest. On the other hand, in the right picture not only main center of interest is highlighted. As well as center of interest, the background is important too. The comfortable looking mortar pattern in the wall gives impression that the standing point of girls are safe place.

    When we see the two picture, we can see the similarities and difference at the same time. Both shows us two cute buddies looking us. However, while one gives us negative impressions, the other one left positive impression. Also, one only focus on the main center of interest. But, the other one makes harmony with other components in the picture. As we have seen, similar looking image can be differently interpreted on the point of view of every person.

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