Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jee-hyoun Kim/ Final exam essay/ Importance of facial expression

Children always attract people. They are just lovely as the way they are. And the photo is a great tool to show how lovely they are. It doesn't matter whatever they do, and where the photo is taken. There are two girls in both of the picture. However, it shows quite different mood and atmosphere.

The photo on the left, There are two little girls staring at the camera. They look about 4 to 6 years old. They are both wearing skirts with patterns. One has small dots and the other is wearing a striped skirts. They don't look tidy and even dusty. These two are standing in the very barren area. They took this photo in countryside, and the place somehow looks like a desert. The fence behind them gives an impression that these two girls are now standing in front of the border. They are not smiling, but only frowning. The sunny weather may cause them to frowning, since their shadow show that they are staring at the camera while they are directly looking at the sun. Regardless of their frowning facial expression, this photo looks quite tensed, serious, uncomfortable and somehow depressed.

The photo on the right has a quite different mood, compared to the left one. They look a bit older than those two girls of the left picture. In this photo, these two girls are wearing skirts with no patterns. They are both barefoot, with their hair cut short. They are standing in front of brick wall. As the road is paved with bricks, we can guess they took this photo at the alley of a city. Standing in front of the sun, these two girls are smiling like this sunny weather. They look cute, lovely, and bright. This photo looks bright, happy, and peaceful.

These two photos have two girls in common, but have lots of different factors. As it is shown in the picture, these photos are taken in the different background. The girls on the left photo look untidy, dusty, and even poor compared to the girls on the right. They are all wearing skirts, but the girls on the right look much well-dressed, and clean. Especially, the facial expressions of them are quite different. And it made us think that the girls on the left look tensed, regardless of their clothes, and background.

In conclusion, the facial expression of people in the photo decides the mood of the picture. Photo is a great tool to catch the moment. Of course, other details such as cloths and background can also give impressions. Facial expression is a greater way to decide the whole mood of the picture.


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