Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bae Young Ha/Diffent two sisters/Thursday 56


Different two sisters – the final

Children are honest expressing their emotions. So there's always integrity when I look at the pictures of children. A Mood of a photo of children is determined by color, their facial expressions, background, and even the clothes they put on. I was given two photos of two children each. Each photo commonly shows two girls standing close together but there are also dissimilarities in their facial expressions and the mood.

In the left photo, you can see two girls standing on the soil. They look like they are from south-east Asia considering the color of their faces. In the background there's no buildings that stand for modernization and all we can see is a boundless plain. Compositionally this photo implies diagonal line rising from right to left. Wooden posts at the back and shadows are creating diagonal lines that contributes to asymmetry. The most important factor that creates the mood in this photo involves subject matters' gaze and facial expressions. They gives scared and terrified look which form gloomy mood with the background and their skin color altogether.

There are also two girls in the right photo, standing on the brick ground right in front of a building. They are white. Compositionally it also implies a diagonal line as well, but in this case, the line rises from left to right. Their different heights and shadows contributes to this diagonal line. Most importantly their smiles creates bright and peaceful mood. They are wearing clothes that has no decoration and it makes them look tidy and not poor.

The starkest difference between the pictures involves subject matters' gaze. You can easily catch their gazes because they are too obvious to ignore. In the left picture girls look scared and frightened but in contrast girls in the right picture shows warm smiles. Backgrounds creates different moods too. Plain and wooden posts standing with some intervals contributes to a desolate and gloomy mood.

Two girls are standing straight in both pictures. They both implies a diagonal line. But girls in the left one looks scared while those in the right one looks happy and peaceful. Backgrounds contributes to different moods too. I can feel a desolate mood in the left one and a modern and tidy mood in the right. Yet both are focusing on the children and we can guess their feeling by their gazes.


Reflection on the presentation

 As the professor has pointed out throughout the whole semester, the presentation also include the things we have to consider when we write. Writings should be more specific and detailed. And also we need to put examples properly.

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