Thursday, June 18, 2015

201102687 / Lee, Jun Ki / A Message, Not a Picture / Final Exam

'A picture is worth thousand words'. This is a very famous English quote. Pictures capture the moment of life, but they tell you more than just 'moment'. That is why it worth more than thousand words. The two pictures we see now make us to think about many things that is happening inside it. The subjects are two girls standing along with each other. However, it is undoubtable that these two pictures have different messages.


             Firstly, in the first picture the thing that draws attention is the facial expression of the girls. These two girls are standing with a frowned face, tightly holding hands. They do not seem to be holding hands of friendship or kinship, but rather they are holding hands to prepare for incoming danger just like soldiers holding hands on a battlefield. In the background, the scenery is very barren. For example, it shows branchless trees standing behind the girls. Entire atmosphere seems very depressing as the picture seems very empty. The photographer may have emphasized atmosphere by showing broad but empty scene behind the girls. The sandy ground and dead trees give us message that this is certainly not a good environment for living. Everything in this picture seems blank. The girls, the ground, and the sky is like an empty box.


             Secondly, this picture also has two girls in the center. It is easy to notice that this picture is taken to keep the moment of these girls. They are posing, and they are smiling in front of the camera. The features of the photograph is not very animating, but the facial expression of the girls are animating. They seem to be very happy and excited about taking the picture. They have worn out clothes and even no shoes, however, the atmosphere of the picture is very energetic. Although it does not look very well organized, the streets are paved and the brick wall of the house is standing behind the girls. The message that this picture is telling us is the happiness.

             Lastly, even though these two pictures have common subject, it tells us very different messages. The facial expressions of the girls tell us everything. The way they stand in front of camera is very distinguishable. The photographers who took these pictures probably wanted to send different message to the audience. First one seems to be informing us about the dangers and the poverties those girls are facing. Second one seems to be telling us that those girls are enjoying their life in every parts. Same angle and same focus are seems to be telling exactly opposite message to us.


            In conclusion, the subject is almost identical. The similar age girls are posing in front of camera. However, is that the only thing you noticed? They are different or even opposite picture. The facial expression, background, and atmosphere all seem to be telling different stories. Everybody who sees the pictures would get similar feelings. That is how pictures affect us. These are obviously great example of pictures that are worth thousands words. These pictures are journals.



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