Thursday, June 18, 2015

Final examination/ 201103477 Chun Young Ho

The first impression when we see these 2 pictures are definitely comparative. In the left one picture, 2 girls seem to be sad. However in the right picture, 2 girls are laughing brightly as if they know they are pictured by camera. Besides the first impression these 2 pictures are showing a lot difference in background, periphery, viewpoint and mood.

The left one is alleged to be pictured in desert. The viewpoint of picture is at 2 girls in the center. The camera was focusing them in a little high stance so the left sided girl seem to be gazing upward. Both 2 girls are in filthy, grubby and dirty appearance. These elements are contributing the overall mood of the picture. As I said in first paragraph, their facial expression is the critical factor of the picture. They are looking sad, hungry and desiring intensively for help. The background of the picture is blurred with few structures. They are alleged to be the pole and they also creating lonely and desolate atmosphere. They are spread respectively and so skinny.

The right one's focus is centering at 2 happy girls. They are seem to be familiar with lens. Their motion is so natural. The light shedding above from upper right side is so proper that the 2 girls are looking healthy and blessing. The background of the picture is alleged to be old city road with pavement and brick. The distance of background is short. The picture is fully concentrating on the 2 girls.

These 2 pictures are different in focus. The distance of background is comparative. The first one is trying to put the a little panorama of the place so it emphasizes the place than the right one. The place is quite contributing to the mood of the picture. However the right one is rather concentrating fully on the 2 girls in the center. The bricks and pavements are contributing to the mood of stability. Besides these elements, the facial expression of each girl in the 2 picture is the most critical factor of the picture. It peculiarly makes harmony with each picture.


             If I know history about the country that the picture is depicting in, I could have deducted the phases of the era by analyzing the girl's clothes and the mode of the structures. By simply taken pictures we could deduct lots of information above the emotion. By analyzing these factors we can drawn into their reality and feel empathy with the girls and picture takers. 

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