Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jung Eun, Kim (201200741) Chinese Linguistics / Final examination / Reaction Essay

Same girls are differed in pictures


Taking a closer look at two photographs, we can see the contrasting expression of four girls in both images. Two of the girls in the first picture look sullen, somewhat dirty and appear to be unfriendly toward the viewer. The other girls in the second picture look carefree and playful. They even give viewer the impression of refreshment. Although these two photographs have two girls as a main center of interest in the foreground, the composition shown in them is in marked contrast. Composition is an arrangement of the elements in a photograph, such as contrast in colors, facial expression and background. Then, let's draw a comparison between these two images by examining these elements in detail by looking at the color contrast in bodily features of the four girls illustrated in the two pictures. 

In the first picture, one of the girl on the left side is wearing a dress with a pattern of dots. Her hair is disheveled and looks like it was randomly combed. Her face seem to be tanned and swarthy who had just rolled in mud. Her legs remind us of coal miners whose feet are fumed like a lump of coal. The girl on the right side is wearing a pinstripe dress and charcoal boots that cover one third of her black leggings she's wearing. Her front hair is twisted like a person who has just woken up from a bed with a nightmare. With respect to the facial expression of the two girls in the first photograph, we can notice that two girls are staring glumly at us. These two central figures in the first photograph predominantly look sullen and vigilant. They seem to be wary of the potential viewers (of this image) and have such an unfavorable look on their face. It looks like they are in fear of something because of some secrets they must be hiding behind their back.


In contrast, two girls in the second picture look shiny and cleaner than the girls in the first picture. The girls in the second picture look like they have just come fresh off the bathtub. One of the girls on the left side in the second image is wearing a black dress which has a texture of cushion and warmth. The other girl on the right side of the image is wearing a white dress that has no patterns. These simple looking dresses they are wearing seem to add purity to their appearance as a whole. Their hair also look well-combed, oily and lustrous. With the light shining upon them in flank of the image, their hair even seems to be glossy. From their facial expressions, we can notice that they are carefree and playful. Their friendly smiles give viewer a light impression and liveliness of themselves. They are looking at the potential viewers (of this image) without weariness or dislike.  


The two pictures are pale in comparison when it comes to the background as well. In the first picture, the land is sandy and full of specks of dust which has the color of ochre. There seems to be nothing left beside some cutover trees that are blurred behind the two girls. The lumbered trees and some specks of ochre dust give viewers the image of a dessert where there is nothing left that gives off a mood of animation. On the other hand, the background in the second picture stands in contrast to the first one. First, the background object that the two girls in the second photograph recline on is a wall with bricks that are rocky and rectangular. Some wooden planks that prop up the brick wall give viewer a cozy and picturesque image of houses which is filled of warmth and affections.

Two groups of children that are depicted in these two photographs are wearing an expression. In the first picture we feel unclean, uncomfortable and unfavorable mood of the two girls. Yet, we feel purity, at ease and friendly mood of the other two girls in the second picture. The mood of these central figures in both photographs is amplified by color contrast in their bodily features like their faces, hair and skins. The background which captures an image of desert in the first picture highlight the contrasts with the second image which reflect its playful mood. With all these elements in two photos that are harmonized as a single photograph, the kind of expressions we notice from two girls in the first image and the others in the second image is magnified to a remarkable degree of accuracy.

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