Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bae Young Ha/ Three qualifications to be a merchandiser/ Thursday 56

TOEIC scores, internship experiences, GPA and the university you graduated from are considered important qualifications in the job market. Those are proofs of capability that you can fill in your resume with. But they are not all we can prove. People have their own personal traits so employers interview applicants to check their characteristics. I also have my own characteristics that I think helps me to be a competitive applicant in the job market. Especially I want to be a merchandiser which requires endurance, a drive, and responsibility, all of which I have.

First, I can endure lots of stress and I'm tolerant. Sometimes I endure so much stress that feel pain physically. For example, when I was a sophomore there were once a huge amount of assignments and even final exams. I had not enough time. After all, I stayed up two nights in a row handling the homework and studying for the final. It was really stressful. I ran out of my physical strength as well but I endured. At the end I got a scholarship for my good GPA for that semester.

Secondly, I have a strong drive. When I feel like I want to gain or achieve something, I go straight for it. There was a time I worked at a police office. At that time I really needed to make foreign friends and talk in English. And there was an English café in our neighborhood. When it was a holiday, I went into the café by myself. And I got to talk with the manager of the café. She suggested to me working as a part-timer so I came to work there. Working there I made a lot of foreign friends and had many chances to talk in English. In this way I put my craving into practice and gained what I wanted; improving conversational English.

Lastly, I'm responsible for what I take on. There are people who easily gives up difficult duties they've taken. I don't do away with the things that I've taken charge of. Once I worked for a private institution and I came to teach English to elementary school students. The students was really hard to handle. They didn't even try to listen to me and didn't want to study. At first I wanted to give up. But I knew I had to finish what I've started. I didn't have a magic to make them focus on my lecture. However, I kept struggling to give them more quality and fun lectures. On their midterm, my efforts bore fruits. English scores my students got rose up in general. So I felt that if I don't give up on what I've taken, someday it brings me better results.

Merchandisers' job is managing the whole process of making products including planning, buying and selling. To be a merchandiser, you should endure lots of stress because its job gives you much stress. To plan the strategy as a merchandiser, you should have a strong drive. Also being a merchandiser requires great responsibility. I think I have what it takes to be a merchandiser although there are a lot of things that I need to improve.


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