Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oh Ga-yeong/ Reaction Essay/ Thursday 1-3 p.m.

Children In War




Left Photo Link : http://www.technocrazed.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/top-10-iconic-historical-photographs-10.jpg

Right Photo Link : http://i.guim.co.uk/static/w-620/h--/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2014/5/19/1400512926607/A-child-Liberian-militia--013.jpg


     When faced with war, children can be powerless but sometimes they can look like adults. They may be frightened and weak but there is a time that they look strong-willed. Two photos above show the children in war situation with different expressions on their faces. The photo on the left was taken by Nick in 1972. The photographer tried to show people the pain and distress of the inhabitants fleeing from a burning village. The photo on the right was taken in 2003 by Chris Hondros who is the famous war photographer. In both photographs, the children are in war situation but their attitudes toward the war are quite different.   

     In the Nick photograph, children are crying and fleeing from the burning village. They all look frightened and desperate. There are soldiers with weapons behind children so we can know that they are faced with war situation. Two kids of children are in light shirts but there is also a girl who is naked. This naked girl is the main center of the photograph. The clothes of this little girl were probably burned by the fire when the war occurred. This girl is crying so desperately with the mouth wide open. The boy in front also is crying sadly. The rest of the kids are just running as fast as they can but one little kid on the left side is looking back as if she is looking for their parents. The background of the photo looks like the fired village. Because of the children who cry and look desperate, the mood of the photograph is serious and sad.

     In the Hondros photograph, there is only one child with a weapon in his hands who looks strong-willed. Unlike the children in the Nick photograph, the boy on the right photo doesn't cry and looks as strong as adults. Even though the serious look on his face brings the serious mood to the photograph, we can also feel hopes and strong wills. This boy is the central interest of this photo because entire background except the boy is a little bit blurred. Behind the boy, there is a guy who looks like an adult. He may be the one who have taught to this boy how to handle the guns.

     From both photographs, we can notice that this is the war situation but children in the photographs facing wars show the differences. Both photographs are focusing on children in war but children in the photograph by Nick look powerless, weak so we cannot see any hope from the photo. We can just feel the misery and desperation. However, the boy in the photograph by Hondros shows strong will and looks powerful. This boy is taking strong attitude toward the war so he looks mature even though his face is yet young. While the photograph by Hondros gives a sense of stillness, the photo by Nick shows dynamic atmosphere because of kids who are running and crying with their mouth wide open. Unlike the photo on the left, the atmosphere of the photograph on the right is peaceful and not distracted.

     In these two photographs, children showing different attitudes toward wars are depicted. In one, children are frightened and powerless but in the other, the boy of the main center looks courageous and strong-mined. From the left photograph, we can feel the hopelessness and desperation but the right photograph shows strength and hope. Like this, both photos are capturing the expressions on the children's faces but they show complete differences. Moreover, while the one photograph shows movement, the other shows stillness. It makes the two photographs more distinguished from one another. However, we are attracted by both photographs because they show us diverse and different expressions of children in the war.  




  1. Hi! I found the two photos you chose to be quite moving and powerful in terms of evoking a reaction for the viewer. Your essay is very descriptive and well written and it almost felt like reading a book talking about this picture in detail. Not only was your essay interesting, the two photos you chose certainly gave me something to think about. (201202698, 임정연/ Lim Jung- Yun)

  2. Gayoung Kim | I also wanted to talk about photos that rewarded the Pulitzer. But I think you're putting it out better than me. Great comparisons between two pictures and precise describing your emotions. You may add some color arrangements or compositions, then it would be more plausible. Thanks for sharing!