Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh Ga-yeong/ Classification essay (final draft) / Thursday 1-3 p.m.

3 things needed for my future career

     A dream job, for me, it's entering public enterprises. Public enterprises mean the companies which are operated by the government or the local government for the public welfare. In other words, public enterprises aim at public interests. Year by year, the number of people who want to enter public enterprises is increasing. It's because public corporations not only provide high wages but also benefits package for their employees. For these reasons, I also want to be employed in these companies and I think that I'm qualified for this job. I believe that I am suitable for these companies because they highly appreciate applicants' language skills, because they don't want their applicants to have unique personality, and because they want honest and earnest people.

     Firstly, public enterprises want their applicants to have various language skills. Scores of TOEIC or TOEFL are basically required. In addition, scores of other language proficiency tests like JLPT and HSK are considered. In case of me, I have learned English for about 10 years like most Korean students so even though I cannot speak English fluently, I can read and write something in English anyhow. I can also speak Japanese because I have learned it for three years when I was in high school. To get additional points when I submit the application, I plan to take JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) soon. Furthermore, I can also speak French because my current major in the university is French. Because I can speak four languages(Korean, English, Japanese, French), I think that employers in public corporations will be content with my career.

     Secondly, public enterprises don't want people who have unique personality in contrast to private enterprises. In case of many private enterprises, they want innovative person so applicants need to have unique personality, unique experience. However, public enterprises want people who are submissive and simple-minded. So I believe that employers in public companies will prefer my personality than the employers in private companies. It's because I have banal personality and have lived an ordinary life. My personality which can be shown negatively to private companies will be highly appreciated when I apply for the public corporations.

     Lastly, public enterprises want their applicants to be honest and earnest. Public companies operate for public interests. So their business has to be clean and transparent. Then, for sure, members of the companies have to be also honest and clean. From when I was young, my life motto was to live right and honestly. I cannot lie and deceive others. Also, my sole strength is earnestness. I have never been late for class and I always have done my homework by its deadline. My earnestness and honesty will be advantages for entering public companies.

     In one or two years, I want to be hired in a public enterprise which is a dream job for me. I think that it is not impossible job for me because of three reasons. First, they demand language skills and I can speak four language even though I cannot speak fluently. Secondly, they want people who don't have unique personality and I have lived an ordinary life. Thirdly, they want people who are honest and earnest and I don't have to be worried about that. For sure, I cannot be sure that I will be chosen by employers in public enterprises but anyway, I will put my best efforts to enter a public enterprise that I want.



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