Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why you are qualified for your job?/ final draft/ Thurs56/ 201103477 천영호

Why you are qualified for your job?

Since I enrolled the university I have constantly prepared for my desired occupation. To be specific, I decided my future category of occupation but not exact job. I always want to serve for public. Money or stability is not a first element in my priority of order. Some says this kind of thought is very young but I'm quite confident that money will follow my way. Even now I briefly experienced this fact. Pursuing money will leave some regret and disappointment in last but pursuing my hope and desire will result in achievement and following of money. I am well qualified for my future in 3 reasons.

Firstly, I think I am quite clear and obvious in my future path. I want to be a journalist specialized in labor area. Thoroughly analyzing my future, I do not care about my exact job. It could be journalist, lawyer, administrator or businessman. But my hoping area is very obvious. I always have been interested in conditions, hygiene and treatment of laborers. I think everybody is laborer ultimately. Student would be a laborer in their occupation and professor is also a laborer in university. We serve a labor and get some pay deserves for our serving. Many people just work in their field without care of their job itself but I am quite interested in their world of job field. I will make good condition to concentrate on their job field by caring their condition, payment and treatment in their business.

Secondly, not only obviousness in my future field but I am also well preparing for my future. Since this year January I studied hard to pass the Certified Public Labor Attorney and I passed the preliminary test on June. The subjects are Labor Law, Civil Law, Social Insurance Law and the theory of business administration. I anticipate these subjects will be greatly helpful for my future career. At first, the entry barrier of law was quite high but I endured and finally I have some interest in law. Some says how about utilizing my major, journalism, so I am not giving up my major. Also I can work as a labor specialist in journalism when I finally pass the CPLA test.

Lastly, I already experienced my job qualification during my career as a HUFS school journal. Since last year I served as a journalist in HUFS journal and I am now chief editor in our journal. During my career I wrote some coverage and essays about laborer in our school. I interviewed sweeping, cleaning workers in our school, labor union of school staff and agents in the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. Clearly analyzing the cause and effect of procedure about deciding my future career, these meetings influenced my decision very deeply. By meeting these people, I opened eyes on the world of labor and I adopted in this field. Though it is not sufficient to be the specialist in this career but the fact that I am more deeply exposed to my future career than any other my peers.


To sum up, I am well qualified for my future job in three reasons. I am obvious and specific in my future, I have experience in this field and already adopted in this field and finally I am well preparing for my future. I am now postponing specific job but my desiring field is labor. I think it will be specified in the procedure of preparing for my future. From now on, I will successfully finish my chief editor career editor and concentrate on secondary test of CPLA. These days, I am happy because every morning I am very confident and do not have to worry about these things like 'What I have to do today?'

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