Thursday, June 18, 2015

201302308 Dooseok Lee / Impact of Young Faces on Pictures / Thurs 56

     Did you know that children rarely hide or conceal their feelings? Therefore, faces and expressions they make mostly leads to their true feelings. Therefore, faces of young children are the most important factors in determining the mood of the picture. These pictures show pairs of young girls at a similar age. Because faces children make comes from their real feelings, it makes people wonder what made girls feel so different. 


     In the first picture, two young girls are making serious faces. They seem to be dissatisfied on something. Clothes they are wearing feels weary and exotic at the same time. Judging from their hair and faces, it seems that they haven't had a shower for a while. Also, the girl on the right has white dressing on her hand, which can mean injury. The bright sunlight is shining upon these girls, and behind them, objects assumed dead trees are standing. The moods these trees and faces of girls make are a sad and calm.


     In the second picture, just like the first picture, two young girls are standing side by side. They are making brightest smiles as if they are living a happy life. Assuming they have similar looks and one girl is taller than the other, they might be sisters. They are standing in front of the wall made of bricks. Even though they are bare footed and wearing unwashed clothes,  their faces and hair look well washed. The bright faces they make and bright sunlight makes the mood of the picture warm and peaceful.


     The first picture and the second one have many things in common. Two girls are standing side by side, and the bright sunlight is shining upon them. Also, they are staring right through the camera, and they are both wearing weary clothes. But the moods and impressions that these two pictures give are totally different. What made these differences? Faces they make is the answer for the question. Sad and unsatisfied faces girls make in the first picture is the major determinant on sad mood 


     In conclusion, we can find out that when young children appear in pictures, the faces and impressions they make are very important in deciding the mood of pictures. It is interesting that just making different faces can make different mood of the pictures. 

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