Tuesday, June 2, 2015

201102805 Lee Hanwook/ Qualifications for my dream job(final draft)/ Thur56


A prepared, prospective journalist


I always have dreamed of being a journalist. Although it is very competitive and hard job, it is also highly rewarding job. Journalism is the backbone of the society and is essential to the true democracy. There are many kinds of journalism like print journalism, broadcasting, online journalism, and so on. Whatever it is, all kinds of journalists need common traits. Among them, I have three special qualifications as a journalist. I have affection for writing, interest in the world, and a passion for absorbing new things.


First of all, I have always enjoyed writing. Journalism is all about writing and if I hated to write, this would not be the right career for me. But I have loved writing stories since I was a child. In an elementary school, I wrote some novels and showed them to my close friends. It is not only for the childhood. I have been a writer and storyteller through my entire life. Though I should enhance my writing skills, just an interest in writing can be sufficient strength for the journalist.


Secondly, I try to look all around the world carefully. Everyday experience of the world can be a source of news contents. So, good journalists observe the world with interest. I always try to find a story in my life by thinking that interesting events will come up at any moment, at any place. I always carry a pen and a note, and write the interesting things not to forget about it. It could be the best habit for a journalist.


Lastly, I easily absorb new things. In this fast-paced world, it is very important for a journalist to keep up with current situations and trends. In addition to reading newspapers or magazines every day, I grasp new trends through surfing the internet. Also I try to learn diverse perspectives by meeting new people and communicating with them. Not only classes and professors, but also various kinds of people are invaluable sources of learning.


In conclusion, a journalist needs to learn new things and change them to one's own words. And I think I can have fun while doing that job. Of course, I cannot say that I am the perfect person for a journalist. But as I choose to pursue this way, I will try to develop my talent and keep my passion to bear the hard challenges.



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