Thursday, June 18, 2015

21001256 SeoHee Park/Final exam/Thursday 56

"Emotions Of Life"


The difference of emotions between both photographs show the expressions of life. On both pictures are two girls standing in front of a camera but they have such different faces and the reason is because of their different environments. On the left side picture are two girls living in a poor environment that creates on them sadness on their emotions, and on the picture of the right side picture the girls are looking happy because they have better environment. The moods of both pictures are totally different and also the photographs reflect different feelings.  


The children from the left side look careless without any hope. The girls of the picture are looking sad, but more than sad angry because the girls have a long face watching directly to the camera and with the hands behind of her back like insinuating "Don't you come close to me." They do not have any kind of happy emotions of their faces, which is very hard to watch a child with such a serious emotion. And I said that they seem careless because children who have parents won't let them look dirty as on the picture. Also, girls are wearing like old clothes and the background of the picture looks like a rural environment on a bad conditions.


On the right side picture girls are looking happy. The girls of the picture have smiling faces, with the same position as the girls of the left picture, but they seem opened to the person who is taking them the picture. The girls are without shoes and wearing like a very used clothes so they don't look like they are living on a good environment but I could see that these girls are receiving the love of their parents because the girls are combed which this has a big significance on the life a girl. And on the background of the picture seems like a wall of a building so I guess that they are living on a city.


   Both photographs create different feelings to the viewers. Both are children from almost the same age, both don't look that they are living on good conditions but their faces shows such a different moods and emotions, like the angry face and the charming face, so these gives different emotions to the viewers. In my case, the left side picture created on me a hopeless atmosphere and unhappy life. But on the contrary, the right side picture created on me energy and lightness, that I could feel the hope on this photograph.



The pictures transmit such a great emotions like how the care of the parents can create such a different life on a child. So the feeling of the images were delightful in the way that I could feel many emotions as love, hope, fear, happiness etc. By the analysis of both pictures and the sending messages of the pictures, create on me and the viewer such an emotional feelings and thinkings.

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