Thursday, June 18, 2015

LeeSeongho/Final Exam-Reaction Paper/Thur56 Int_EW

Infering Pictures' Situation




   Photographs which seem similar can infer totally different situations. Emotional and background details in pictures have people seeing them discern what is going on, how the moods are. Here are two similar but different photographs. First, the left one is putting in two small young girls and its film is black and white. The other one on the right is also a black and white photo of another two little young girls. In both, the girls are all standing and placed on the center but the facial expression, details they are showing like hair and feet, and the background differ enough to infer totally contrast situations.


   In the first photograph, two tiny young girls are standing on a bleak land consisting of only sand. They look so scared and afraid because they are making a long face and staring at something. And their poses are not natural and voluntary. The left one is wrapping something white on her left hand and the other is putting her hands backward. And also one is wearing shoes and the other is not. It means the one whose feet are naked had no shoes to wear. Their hair is also not neat and clean. It looks as if they could not wash. And also the background in this picture suggests that the situation is bad and miserable because the place, on which the two girls are standing, is totally jejune. It only has sand and some sticks looking like wood without any branches. The two are also likely to be there without their own will. By things like that, the whole mood we can feel from this picture is sad and regretful.


   In the other picture, two tiny young girls are also standing. They look so happy and amused because they are smiling and bright and they are just looking at the camera without any fear. Due to the fact they look happy and enjoying, although their poses are not really different from those in the first picture, it looks like they are just putting their hands back to take a picture. Their hair and clothes are so clean that they don't look poor and out of care. Although they are not wearing shoes, the brick-paved ground tells us that they are just taking a picture while they play around their hometown. The wall behind them is also usual one which town or country dwelling people can easily see. So the round and the wall are insinuating that they are in a safe place and they are not standing there by force but by their will. The details like that are clear enough to let us know that the mood in this picture is peaceful and positive.


   Now that the details and backgrounds of are explored enough it became crystal clear to contrast the two pictures. The girls in the first picture look unhappy and scared, their feet say that they are standing there forcibly, the dirty hair says that they are out of care and poor. The background is also arid and seems inappropriate for children. The total visual clues in the first picture bring the people seeing it an idea that the situation is as if they lost their house or they are on violation. The other is on the contrary. The girls are rather happy and bright. They are willingly taking a picture and the poses are also their own ones. The background is just usual. It looks like the two girls are in their town and they just are just taking a photo while they hang around their house. So, in contrast to the details in the first one, those in this picture implies that the situation is very peaceful and just ordinary life.


   In my conclusion, two pairs of two girls are depicted in two pictures. They are ,at the first glance, similar but totally different. The girls in two pictures show totally differing clues like clean and dirty hair, afraid facial expression and happy one and also the backgrounds are telling that the two are totally different. So it is clear that all the details in the pictures infer contrast situations. Seeing the pictures and inferring what is going on and how the moods are so interesting and a real fun in pictures.   



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