Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lee Hanwook 201102805 / Final examination / Thurs56


The face of the little girls

Everybody has different memory of their childhood. Some may remember it as valuable moment with full of happiness and brightness, while others remember it as miserable and lonely days. Here are two photographs of two girls. Both pictures are black-and-white pictures which seem like to have been taken long time ago. In these photos, two young girls standing straight and staring at front in the same way. However the tone and mood of the pictures are somewhat different.


The left picture was taken in the bleak and desolate area. It seems like a little town in a desert which is far from the major city. The center of the focus is two girls wearing shabby dress. Because of the barren and dreary background, two girls appear worn and isolated. And also both of them are frowning with the expression of dissatisfaction. The left side girl is glaring at front with raised eyes. The right side girl is watching something with a little bit of fear. Perhaps they do not like the situation or moment they are faced with.


In the right picture, two girls are in front of the old wall with standing barefoot on the street. It seems like a small country town or maybe slums. From what they are wearing and their bare foot, they are not well cared children in a wealthy family. However they are not look like miserable. Rather, the girls are happy enough. They are looking at the camera with the brightest smile in the world. And they seem like sisters as their pretty smile looks alike.


Two different kinds of children are depicted in these two pictures. In the left picture, overall impression is loneliness and grief. As two girls look so unhappy and miserable, we strongly feel some uneasiness just by watching it. The other picture gives a sense of calmness and stillness. However we can also feel active and light mood in two girls' face. We smile along with the girls as their expressions are so naïve and immaculate. Although both of them focus on little cute girls, one is more bright and mellow than the other.


There is a saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Just one shot of photo can deliver diverse meanings and feelings. The two paintings show comparison between sad faces and the hopeful faces. From these two faces, we can guess the figures' social backgrounds or psychological conditions. It is the power of the pictrue. And also, all of us would respond differently to the same faces as our personal experience and feelings.

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