Tuesday, June 9, 2015

201102687 Lee, Jun Ki / Same but Different / Thursday 56

A picture catches a scene as it is, but do you think that it is objective? These pictures shown above are both Empire State Building, NY. However, as you can notice, they have same subject but different feelings. The angle of camera and time of the day when picture was taken affected the feelings that we get from the pictures. In details, they have a lot of different effects and features.



             Firstly, to explain the picture taken from the bottom, it placed its subject Empire State Building at the center of scene. Since it was taken from the ground the skyscraper seems very tall as if it would reach the sky. The building in the front actually takes up more space than Empire State Building, but we all know that it is just like part of a background. Gray Buildings on the side of the pictures are distinguishable with blue sky of a sunny day. The sky draws a line among buildings and Empire State Building making the subject draw more attention. The triangular shape of Empire State Building also fits well with the composition. Basically, although there are many other features in this picture, we automatically know that Empire State Building is the only thing that catches the eye when we take a glimpse at the picture.



             Secondly, now to talk about the picture taken from the sky, it also placed its subject in the middle. It shows the part of Manhattan along with the Empire State Building. The time of the day is when the dusk starts, and all the buildings have their lights on. The sky takes up upper half of the picture and the bottom half of the picture is the scenery of city. All of these features are very common in the skyline pictures. Buildings lighting makes all the part of the city look very unison. If it was a day time all the buildings would have had different colors and shapes, however, the dark covered it all and only lights are shining from the buildings. The Empire State Building is less distinguishable as we can only see the lighting of it. We all notice that Empire State Building alone takes huge part in this picture, but it seems that this picture is more about the beauty of the city.


             Lastly, I want to compare and contrast these 2 pictures with same subject. The triangular shape of the Empire State Building was used differently in each picture. In the first picture the triangular shape make the building stick out from other features in the picture, but in second picture triangular shape makes the picture seem very stable. It looks as if the building is the roof for the other buildings. Another main difference is that they have same subject but different feelings. The first picture tells us how tall the Empire State Building is, but the second picture shows how beautiful the city is with the Empire State Building.


             In conclusion, the first picture is all about the Empire State Building, and the second picture is about the city and the building. Pictures are supposed to catch the actuality, but from these 2 pictures we can tell that it also holds an opinion of the camera holder. It is very interesting that how 2 picture with exact same subject could give such a different feeling. Photo is not just the scene. I believe it is another way to talk and send messages to people.



  1. Hello I’m your classmate Seohee, your essay is quite interesting, I could see how the different angles of the camera makes a totally different pictures even they are the same thing, it was very cool. And talking about your essay, I found that your background information was enough to understand your essay, and also your thesis statement was clear. The expressions of your reaction were well drafted so I could understand the mood of your pictures. Also the details of the body paragraphs were detailed that I hadn’t any difficulties to understand your essay. And your conclusion has resumed your thesis statement in different words. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi! First I would like to comment that both pictures are quite striking and memorable. I find it interesting that you chose to talk about two different pictures with the same subject because I never thought to do something like that. To talk about your essay I find that your essay is quite well written. I found your writing very descriptive and easy to read. I especially thought your title was very clever and eye-catching. (201202698, 임정연/Lim Jung-yun)