Friday, June 12, 2015

200902292 Kwanhyung Lee/Three steps to following your dream/Thursday 56

Three steps to following your dream

It's always the catchy phase to "pursue your dream" in the commercials to get attention of the viewer. People get hopes from those commercials and feel that buying the product makes them more empowered. However it is not only the hope that gets you the dream job you want. You need certain qualifications for your dream job that the others consider to be significant. I see them in threefold: education, experience and the ambition to become the best.

First of all, you need education to qualify for your dream job. As a norm, the public consider receiving formal school education from Kindergarten to 12th grade, and getting accepted to colleges and universities as a barometer to success. It is believed that the best teachers and facilities in the countries have paved the way for the students to help understand the theoretical and academic skills necessary for the student to become a great part of the society. Hence, the majority in the mainstream trust the public education to develop the student's ability to qualify for the dream job they want. As for me, I have followed the path of public education for about 16 years in Korea, and I am graduating soon. I believe in the public education system in Korea and hope that it will bring me to a higher level to pursue my dream job as a banker.

Secondly, you need experience for you to qualify for your dream job. Without any experience you will be totally left out when you pursue your dream career. If you see all the top fortune 100 CEOs in the list, they have tons of experience that ordinary people cannot think of. To be a more specific, they have experienced agonizing way of becoming a failure over and over, and stood up again and again for just one thing to succeed. CEO of Alibaba, Marwin, have talked about how many times he has failed in his over 20 years career. He has made countless attempts to get in contact with the IT professionals in China, and most of the attempts were rejected, but one of them have lent him a hand for him to learn about all the IT network and the online payment system. If he were to just give up, he wouldn't have become the CEO. So experience, especially of failure experience, makes the individual to get stronger and become more successful in following your dream job.

Lastly, you need profound ambition to get a hold for your dream job. If the ambition is not in you, and you don't feel any motivations and fire burning in your heart, it is better to give up that particular career. You really need to enjoy your job, and feel great emotions for your job to succeed. In addition, you need to really work hard for your particular career. You need to think about every angles and details and try to make it perfect. Even if you think your tasks and career are perfect, you need to ask additional questions to your peers and colleagues whether if it is done right or not. After constantly working and striving yourself to become a better professional player in the league, you will find yourself stepping on to the stone to your dream job.


In conclusion, you need education, experience and ambition for you to qualify for your dream job. Some believe that if you are interested in a particular field, you just barge into it, thinking that you will succeed. For this situation, I really admire the courage for you to try, but you need certain norms in the society as the three mentioned above, and really consider carefully if this is the right career for you.

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