Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oh Ga-yeong / Final exam (reaction essay)/ Thursday 1-3 p.m.

     Depending upon the situation, children can smile as bright as the sunlight or they can make a long face. Photographs can show us these various expressions of children in different situations. Likewise, those two photographs which were posted on the web page both have children as the central figures but overall atmosphere of the photographs is quite different. Left photograph shows negative feelings of children while the other one reveals brightness of children. Although it seems that children in both photographs are the same age, their feelings and expressions are completely different because of their surroundings.

     In the left photograph, there are two girls staring at camera lens. Perhaps the girl on the left side is the older sister of the girl on the right side. Two girls are standing side by side and holding each other's hand. They look a little bit fearful and oppressed. There is no movement in this photograph and the background of the photograph is blurred but we can notice that these two girls are living in the desolate area. The girl on the left side is wearing no shoes. Perhaps they are too poor to buy the shoes of two people. Also, their hairs are messy which suggests that there are no people who take care of these two girls.

     In the right photograph, the central figures of the photograph are also two girls. But this time, they are smiling brightly and they seem excited about something. The mood of this photograph is light and expressions of children are positive. In this photograph also, two girls are wearing no shoes but because their hair is not messy this time, it seems that they are not poor but just like to walk with bare feet. Two girls are leaning against the wall which was built of bricks. Perhaps the walls that they are leaning against are the walls of their house.

     From both photographs, we can find a few of similarities but there are much more differences. Two photographs have as the central figures two girls but their expressions are contrasted. In left photograph, children are not smiling and they seem depressed by their situation. In right photograph, children are smiling as bright as the sunlight and they look very excited. The background of two photographs is also contrasted. The background of the left photograph is barren while the background of right photograph is full of bricks. So the left photograph shows dark atmosphere but the right photograph reveals joyfulness of children.

     Photographs show various feelings of people who were taken of, particularly the feelings of children because children can show their feelings more honestly than adults. In both photographs, children are main center of interest but their surroundings make them reveal different expressions. Kids in the left photograph are showing depressed feelings because of their desolate surroundings while kids in the right photograph are showing their joyfulness and peaceful minds.


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