Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DongYi Kang/ Traits Ideal for an Entrepreneur(final essay)/ Thurs1-3pm

DongYi Kang/ Traits Ideal for an Entrepreneur/ Thurs1-3pm 

            I had submitted about 4 or 5 university applications to various universities 3 years ago, and every one of them was an application for a business major. I have never doubted my major or my career. I have always been attracted by successful and unsuccessful business cases and have been eager to jump at any opportunity for business. I believe that I have several traits that make me apt for business.


            First of all, I have always been in interested in business, and probed the philosophy of business for as long as I can remember. My notion of business is this – make the best product possible to fit the needs of the consumers, and sell the product at the proper and rational price, not the maximum price. I believe in the value of 'good deals'. I believe that such trade is the thing that keeps consumers coming back. 


            Secondly, I am much familiar with numbers. I take pleasure in the act of calculating things and deducting conclusions from fluctuations of figures. Ever since I was a little child, I willingly recorded all the financial expenditures, gains and losses carefully, calculating the averages and trends. I believe that such habits and tendency will be useful in business. After all, everything in business is about numbers – depreciation, cost of goods sold, inventory, etc. Being familiar with numbers give an accurate understanding of the fluctuations of business. 


            Lastly, I always have been a salesman. Consumers need to be presented with proper reasons to purchase something. They need to be persuaded, not tricked. I observed the needs of the people around myself carefully to see what they truly want and what products will solve their needs. When I was 16, I realized that the jewelry sold in South Korea was unreasonably expensive. Searching the web, I realized that they were one-tenth of the price on ebay, mostly made in China. I collected a small portion of money in the bank deposit and started to buy the popular jewelry from ebay. I sold them at half the price sold on the internet shopping malls in South Korea, and they were a hit. I earned a quite a sum of money, which I happily spent away. 



             To sum up, the characteristics that I proudly feel will suit me to my dream job are the entrepreneur thinking that allows me to form business strategies, familiarity and eagerness with numbers, and the ability to catch up with trends and utilize them.

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