Thursday, June 11, 2015

201581012 Ji Hyun Lee/ Reaction Essay/ Thur 56

                                                        Same, but very Different

First picture :

Second picture :

Looking at these pictures, do you think these pictures are the same place? Here is the beach in Phuket, Thailand. One is the beach before the enormous tsunami in 2004 and the other is after the tsunami. On 26th Dec 2004, a massive tsunami hit one of the best vacation spot in Thailand. It killed countless innocent people who lived in Thailand or came from other countries. These photographs are truly contains the image of the frightful accident. In both paragraphs, they show the same beach, but the moods of two are totally different.

In the first photograph, you see many people who are enjoying their vacation. The periphery is bright and the sky is clear. The white clouds which are all over the sky and a grand view of the ocean make you to jump into the sea. People in this photograph look like relaxing and comfortable. Some of them are basking in the sun and others are swimming on the beach. The tranquil atmosphere of this place helps them ease their stress. Moreover, vivid colored parasols are arranged naturally. This arrangement creates a feeling of freedom. The whole atmosphere is bright and cheerful.

However, in the second photograph, it is the horrifying scene of the accident. The terrible tsunami makes the beach like this. It cannot be considered as a vacation destination any more. We see there is a man on the left side of the picture. He who is stuck on sandy beach seems as a victim of the accident. He is identified as a vacationer by its clothing. The four men carry the victim of catastrophe on a stretcher. The background of the photograph shows how awful this tsunami was. The seaside stores and houses collapse like a paper box almost without a struggle. They were crushed and mangled beyond recognition became an unsightly pile of rubbish boards on the beach.

Both photographs are the same place but mood and atmosphere are totally different. The people in the first paragraph spend a lazy day on the beach. They enjoy their holidays without any anxiety. The warm rays gradually glow to the beach and the spectacular view of horizon is fantastic. The blues, sky blues and many colors are brilliant because of sunlight. It seems really peaceful. Nevertheless, there is no peace any more in the second picture. The scene of the accident is simply gruesome. We cannot feel happiness at all by watching this beach. Phuket seemed to be a nation of vacationers but it became hellish to the victims. Since Phuket was hit by a strong tsunami, the rest of people suffered from the bitter legacy of disaster.

Same place, different atmosphere. The one is full of romance, but the other is full of distress. These photographs have different stories and give totally different feelings. The disaster happens is often sudden and cause great damage to everything. The differences between these two photographs show how terrible the tsunami was. And they appear pleasure versus despair.

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