Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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These 2 pictures are well known in Korea, and the first one is 'SeoDangDo' painted by Kim Hong Do. The second one is 'WolHaJungIn' and it is painted by Sin Yoon Bok. These painters lived in contemporary era, post Chosun dynasty. The painters of the each picture lived a so different life as well as the difference of the pictures. These differences in life would have influenced the difference of the painting. It is worthless to compare these 2 pictures that which one is better. But it is worthy to compare these things in respecting each painter's perspective.

The first one's title, 'SeoDangDo', means the picture of Chosun dynasty school. The painter, Kim Hong Do, is famous for not painting the background. This one is also not an exception. It simply shows the teacher and the students. But we can notify clearly about the atmosphere of this old school. A young boy in the middle is crying turning his back to teacher. The teacher is gazing him in sorry expression. The teacher is nearly feeling pity or regret in his facial expression. While the students in left and right lines are laughing at the boy in the middle. Right side of the table places wooden cane. Just before this atmosphere, I guess that the teacher spanked him by cane for laziness in homework so the boy in the middle is crying. After punishment, the teacher is feeling sorry for him and some other students are enduring laugh

The second one's title, 'WolHaJungIn', means empathizing couple under the moon. In the middle part of the picture, there is a poem in Chinese letter. 月夜沈沈夜三更, 兩人心事兩人知, it means 'Midnight 3 o'clock, deeply shining moon, no one knows couple's heart except themselves.' The painting is exactly the description of the poem. A guy is staring at woman in earnest eye sight. A woman is reluctant to contacting eyes with him. The description of the foot of each other is highlight of this picture. It leaves trailing note to us about where they will go and where they had been. Unlike Kim Hong Do, Sin Yoon Bok so cared about the background. This couple is beneath the brick wall under the moon in midnight. They are sharing love with each other but it seems they are not honorable. This atmosphere and mood is transferred to us by just watching this picture.

Kim Hong Do is well known for the description of ordinary people's jest nature. He does not care about the background or color. He rather concentrated on the facial expression and action of ordinary people. The picture introduce in this essay is the exact example of his characteristic. However Sin Yoon Bok is interested in describing the love affair of nobleman. He also tried to paint a woman body's beauty unlike contemporary painters. He enjoyed various colors and meaningful backgrounds. Kim Hong Do's life lived a successful life and he recognized as a number one painter during his era. He was respected for his sight on ordinary people. However Sin Yoon Bok was not well known during his life. He later recognized as a great painter after his death. In Chosun dynasty it was treated as a taboo to dealing woman's body as an art. He was an innovator in that era. By just comparing the each painter's one picture we can infer the phases of the Chosun dynasty and the life of each painter.




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  2. Kim Minji 201200440June 11, 2015 at 12:31 PM

    Hello I'm Minji, your classmate. I enjoyed your essay. It's very nice to introduce Korean paintings. The introduction includes the titles of the paintings and the artist. I didn't know that Kim Hong Do was famous but Sin Yoon bok was not when they were alive. Also the comparision about the two painter's painting style was interesting. I learned taht Kim Hong Do's painting is lack of background. I think if you add some hook in introduction, it will be more nice. Thank you!