Thursday, June 18, 2015

201200440 Minji Kim Final essay

Importance of the face

         If you want to take the pictures of people, who is the best model to you? Someone who has a remarkable sense of fashion or who has characterful belongings could be the popular target to the photographer. However, if you see the two pictures here, there are no fancy items, but the impression of pictures are strong. The children in the left picture are Pima Indian, and the children in the right picture are the Victorians. Although both pictures are simple, both photographs display the facial expressions of the subjects which draw the observer's attention.

         In the left picture, two Pima Indian children are standing side by side. The girl on the left seems fold her hands behind her back. She has hair tangled for want of combing and look unkindly at camera. The girl next to her also shows uncomfortable expression. The differences are that her hair is more neat and hold something in her right hand. She also wears shoes. There are tree looking columns are in the background but the atmosphere of the picture is like the wasteland.

         The girls in the right picture are posing like left pictures. However, Victorian children seems more joyful than Pima Indian children. Even they are bare foot, they are smiling. The taller girl wears hair band with ribbon and shorter girl tie some of her hairs. They might be living in a town because the background shows the brick wall and road.

         Both pictures shows the children with similar posing. The Pima child shows uncomfortable expressions to us but they don't make us angry at them. Rather, observers become concerning about the girl's barefoot and the hollow background. The picture of the children tell us the poor circumstances of their life. It's same in right picture. The smiling faces of the girls make the picture more comfortable than the left picture, but the bare feet and the old clothes tell us the poor situation.


         Photographers all want to take great portrait. The best way of delivering the messages of photographers are the target's face. Here, there is no fancy cars or beautiful backgrounds, but observers are impressed by the children's faces and the mood. Therefore, if you want to take a good picture and deliver the message, targeting the people's face is the nice way.