Thursday, June 18, 2015

201581012 Jihyun Lee / Final exam essay/ Thur 56

The Expression followed by Environment


             Watching the emotions expressed in two girls, you can see the girls who are in touch with their emotions. Two girls are staring at something that we can't see from the picture. They look so upset in the faces. On the other picture, the girls are delighted to take a picture. Both photographs, there are two girls on center of the photographs, but facial expressions and moods of the girls are totally different. They reflect their sentiments towards face expressions.

             In the first photograph, two girls are in a bleak desert. It looks more lonely and forlorn. Their disheveled hairs show that they lead an itinerant life. They look like to hold back rising anger, and their faces seem to be full of rage. Some sticks are stuck on the sand on the background of the girls. However, these two girls wear dresses which are dotted pattern and stripes. They are holding their hands showing the close-knit relationship between them to overcome the situation. They glare at something fiercely which we cannot see.

             In the second picture, those two girls are joyful looks. They pose for a picture by standing nicely. They look happy enough. One girl at the right has a noticeable hair band in her hair. They hide their arms behind the back and gave coy smiles. They wear plain dresses which have no patterns. Their bare foots means they are less affluent.

             Both photographs depict children of about the similar age, who are taking a picture. All of them are girls who wear dresses. On the first photograph, it shows a desolate landscape with two girls. They have angry look by staring at something. The second one, those girls are happy due to take a picture. This photograph truly holds shy girls features.

             Photographs show many things such as thought, atmosphere and soul. These two photograph show situations that two girls experienced by their face expression. They are of a similar age but they show completely different emotions, anger and happiness. Children are influenced by environments they experienced. These pictures show realities of children's emotions. 

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