Thursday, June 11, 2015

201302308 Dooseok Lee / What Is Needed To Do and Learn Business / Thurs 56

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a movie director. At that time, watching movies all day long was the happiest thing. However, when I took the college admission test, my score was higher than I expected, so I could apply for majors like business which required better score than movie directing major. I thought if movie directing was my life-time job, I could learn it even if I major business. So I applied for business major, and I am fully satisfied with my decision, because now I think I am more suitable person for business than movies for few reasons.


First, I am intrigued by every parts that form business. The procedure that products are made, how the company runs its financial statistics, and the way firms attract its consumers. I have seen many people who are not interested at all with their majors. Therefore, they usually just stick with it and have hard time for rest of their lives working. Me, on the other hand, I think those things will not happen. I am a person who believes that working and enjoying at the same time is a important thing, so business major is very suitable for me.


The next trait I am qualified for business is that I enjoy working with various kinds of people. Unlike other majors such as literature or mechanics, working for a firm after you finish business major requires working with various people in every situations. Dealing with other companies or meeting your consumers are examples of those situations. Therefore business major perfectly suits me in those traits.


The last trait I have is that I like taking risks. Some people might think 'Why's taking risks important in business?'. I believe that every part of business is about handling risks. Starting a new business, merging with other firms, launching a new marketing strategy, launching new products, they all have risks and a person who major business should be ready to handle them and enjoy them. Even these days, when I walk in the streets and see release of  new products or marketing methods, I can't wait to get in a firm and try them myself. 



Now, since I am currently majoring in business, I can only learn business in textbooks. But I know that the bigger world awaits after I graduate college. I can't wait for that moment to come, but in order to be ready for those moments, I should work hard and study all I can when I am in college.

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