Sunday, April 12, 2015

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Stop watching the news

Nowadays, news has become such harmful information for us. We've been educated from child that who watches the news, is an educated person interested for the society and who doesn't is an ignorant person; so we have to know necessarily about what's happening in this world. But many researches from nowadays, are mentioning that the news is actually not beneficial to our lives. And I will show you some of the reasons to this as why we don't need to stay informed, how the news is toxic to our health and how it affects us mentally.

Sometimes, we feel belated when we are not being noticed of what happened today or what will happen tomorrow, so we think that we have to be stayed up to date. But actually we don't need it, because news is something that we can't avoid, it means that in anyways we will be informed about the issue by other person of our social circle. So we don't need to waste our time on watching the news or reading all the information that appears when we open a website. Also when we watch the news we get so much irrelevant information that it will be much better if we just search for the information that we need.

   People around us could be surprised if we know relevant information from the news. But this information is actually toxic to our health, and it had been tested already. The constantly panicky stories that we receive from the media, deregulates our immune system and inhibits the growth of hormones. What it means is that our body stays in stress all the time. So this consecutive stress causes indigestion, nervousness and makes us susceptible to infections. Also the news works like a drug because it changes our brain structure; it means that it doesn't let the brain to focus deeply in one thing and makes the brain to consume new information before absorbing completely the last information. In consequence, news brings us a kind of illness and extra stress to our body.

   The most important problem is the mental affection; the biggest one is the creation of the feelings of depression. This is because most of the news are depressive, so we are unconsciously consumed by the negative thoughts which in the future affects us also to our real life. So how is affects us in our real life? First, it interrupts our concentration; it happens when we bring back pieces of news that steals the attention of our own purposes. Therefore, affects severely to our memory because disrupts the information that we have stored in our brains. And as a result, it limits our creativity; creativity comes from the thoroughness and a wide imagination, and these are some of the benefits that we have as a human being, but the interruption coming from the news makes us loose our great skills of our brain.

   Finally, I explained about the cause and effects of watching the news by explaining the unnecessity of being informed all the time, also the effects of our health and the mentally problems that it brings to us. So I wanted to warn you that receiving mounts of news is not beneficial for us, but now I hope you to be able to realize what kind and what quantity of information from the news would be beneficial for you.

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  1. First I would like to say that your choice on topic of 'Cause & Effect' essay was excellent. My first glance of your topic dragged me into the reading. Though I'm more of a news listener, I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be right after perusing your essay. Overall, your arguments were logical and coherent with supporting details in each paragraph. The way you united your opinions in the intro part as a clear thesis statement made the essay easy to follow. Thanks for sharing :-)