Friday, April 17, 2015

201581012 Ji Hyun Lee / Cause Essay/Thur 56

Noise Pollution: Big Problem in Cities

           We, especially people who live in cities, are surrounded by sounds we hear in everywhere even in library. Some sounds are harsh to the ear which is called noise. Noise can be defined as an unwanted or undesired sound. Nowadays it becomes big problem in cities. There are several causes of noise pollution.

           First, traffic noise is the main source. These days, with increasing number of vehicles, the sound caused by engines and exhaust systems of autos, buses and motorcycles create a steady drone of traffic din. These transportations produce heavy noise because of the number of road vehicles and their high traffic speed. Faster moving vehicles generate high disturbing sound from their gear box, exhaust system, vibrations from their body, etc.

           In addition, the construction of buildings, highways and city streets cause a lot of noise. The machines used in construction like concrete mixes, vibrators, bulldozers, building demolition activities add to sound pollution. They are often in areas which were quiet before and therefore the noise generated from their activities is very noticeable. A tumult of noise usually disturbs people to work or study.

           Finally, neighborhood noise becomes a big issue over time. This type of noise includes antisocial activities of neighbors such as using of loud TV, radio sets, playing of children, barking of dogs etc. Excessive noise from neighbors can be frustrating and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. In many cases, people who make the noise are unaware they are causing a problem. 

           In conclusion, though they do not cause as much city noise, their effect cannot be neglected. On a personal level, everybody can help reducing the noise in their homes for example, by lowering the volume of the TV, radio and music system. Thus, people should seek ways to minimize the aforementioned impact and reduce their exposure of unexpected hubbub

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  1. Your essay is well organized and easy to follow. I liked the way you presented your main ideas and supporting details to bolster your argument. Although the flow from the last body paragraph to the conclusion lacked unity(intensely personal opinion), your essay is logically coherent as a whole. A clear-cut essay but I would expect more intriguing start in the intro part. Overall, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing! :-)